Return to the story of Daqúqí

Return to the story of Daqúqí. بازگشتن به قصه‌ی دقوقی

مر علی را در مثالی شیر خواند شیر مثل او نباشد گرچه راند
He (the Prophet) once compared ‘Alí to a lion, (but) the lion is not like him, though he (the Prophet) used (this expression).
از مثال و مثل و فرق آن بران جانب قصه‌ی دقوقی ای جوان
From comparison (mithál) and likeness (mithl) and the difference between those (terms) push on, O youth, towards the story of Daqúqí:
آنک در فتوی امام خلق بود گوی تقوی از فرشته می‌ربود
That one who in giving legal judgements was the Imám of the people and in piety bore away the ball from the angels;
آنک اندر سیر مه را مات کرد هم ز دین‌داری او دین رشک خورد
That one who checkmated (eclipsed) the moon in wayfaring, while the Religion (itself) was jealous of his religiousness.
با چنین تقوی و اوراد و قیام طالب خاصان حق بودی مدام
Notwithstanding such piety and devotions and (nights passed in) performance of the ritual prayer, he was always seeking the elect (the saints) of God.
در سفر معظم مرادش آن بدی که دمی بر بنده‌ی خاصی زدی
In travel his chief object was that he might come in touch for a moment with an elect servant (of God).
این همی‌گفتی چو می‌رفتی براه کن قرین خاصگانم ای اله
Whilst he was going along the road, he would be saying, “O God, make me a companion of the elect.
یا رب آنها راکه بشناسد دلم بنده و بسته‌میان ومجملم
O Lord, to those (saints) whom my heart knows I am a slave and one who has girt his loins and is ready to do (them) good service;
و آنک نشناسم تو ای یزدان جان بر من محجوبشان کن مهربان
And (as for) those whom I know not, do Thou, O God of the soul, make them kindly disposed to me who am debarred (from knowing them).”
حضرتش گفتی که ای صدر مهین این چه عشقست و چه استسقاست این
The Lord would say to him, “O most noble prince, what passion is this and what unquenchable thirst is this?
مهر من داری چه می‌جویی دگر چون خدا با تست چون جویی بشر
Thou hast My love: why art thou seeking other (than Mine)? When God is with thee, how dost thou seek man?”
او بگفتی یا رب ای دانای راز تو گشودی در دلم راه نیاز
He would answer, “O Lord, O Knower of the secret, Thou hast opened in my heart the way of supplication.
درمیان بحر اگر بنشسته‌ام طمع در آب سبو هم بسته‌ام
If I am seated in the midst of the Sea, yet have I set my desire on the water in the jug.
همچو داودم نود نعجه مراست طمع در نعجه‌ی حریفم هم بخاست
I am like David: I have ninety ewes, and yet desire for my rival’s ewe hath arisen in me.
حرص اندر عشق تو فخرست و جاه حرص اندر غیر تو ننگ و تباه
Greed for Thy love is glorious and grand; greed for (the love of) any besides Thee is shameful and corrupt.”
شهوت و حرص نران بیشی بود و آن حیزان ننگ و بدکیشی بود
The lust and greed of the manly is advancement (in the spiritual Way), while that of the effeminate is disgrace and irreligion.
حرص مردان از ره پیشی بود در مخنث حرص سوی پس رود
The greed of (true) men is by the forward way, (but) greed in the effeminate goes backward.
آن یکی حرص از کمال مردی است و آن دگر حرص افتضاح و سردی است
The one greed belongs to the perfection of manliness, while the other greed is (a cause of) opprobrium and disgust.
آه سری هست اینجا بس نهان که سوی خضری شود موسی روان
Ah, there is a very occult mystery here (in the fact) that Moses sets out to go towards a Khizr.
همچو مستسقی کز آبش سیر نیست بر هر آنچ یافتی بالله مه‌ایست
By God, do not tarry in anything (any spiritual position) that thou hast gained, (but crave more) like one suffering from dropsy who is never sated with water.
بی نهایت حضرتست این بارگاه صدر را بگذار صدر تست راه
This (Divine) court is the Infinite Plane. Leave the seat of honour behind: the Way is thy seat of honour.




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