The answer of Moses

The answer of Moses

The answer of Moses, on whom be peace, to Pharaoh. جواب موسی فرعون را

گفت موسی این مرا دستور نیست بنده‌ام امهال تو مامور نیست
Moses said, “This is not permitted to me: I am the slave (of God): the giving of time to thee is not commanded.
گر تو چیری و مرا خود یار نیست بنده فرمانم بدانم کار نیست
If thou art powerful and I in sooth have no ally, (yet) I am subject to His command: I have nothing to do with that.
می‌زنم با تو بجد تا زنده‌ام من چه کاره‌ی نصرتم من بنده‌ام
I will combat thee with all my might so long as I live; what have I to do with help? I am a slave.
می‌زنم تا در رسد حکم خدا او کند هر خصم از خصمی جدا
I will fight till the decision of God comes to pass: He (alone) separates every adversary from an adversary.”




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