The appearance of the star of Moses

The appearance of the star of Moses, on whom be peace, in the sky and the outcry of the astrologers in the maydán. پیدا شدن استاره‌ی موسی علیه السلام بر آسمان و غریو منجمان در میدان

بر فلک پیدا شد آن استاره‌اش کوری فرعون و مکر و چاره‌اش
His star appeared in the sky, to the confusion of Pharaoh and his plots and devices.
روز شد گفتش که ای عمران برو واقف آن غلغل و آن بانگ شو
Day broke: he (Pharaoh) said to him (‘Imrán), “O ‘Imrán, go, inform thyself concerning that uproar and noise.”
راند عمران جانب میدان و گفت این چه غلغل بود شاهنشه نخفت
‘Imrán rode to the maydán and said, “What uproar was this? The King of kings has not slept.”
هر منجم سر برهنه جامه‌پاک همچو اصحاب عزا بوسیده خاک
Every astrologer, with head bare and garment rent, kissed the earth (before him), like mourners.
همچو اصحاب عزا آوازشان بد گرفته از فغان و سازشان
Their voices were choked with lamentation, like mourners, and their guise (dishevelled).
ریش و مو بر کنده رو بدریدگان خاک بر سر کرده خون‌پر دیدگان
They had plucked out their beards and hair; their faces were torn; they had cast earth on their heads, and their eyes were filled with blood.
گفت خیرست این چه آشوبست و حال بد نشانی می‌دهد منحوس سال
He (‘Imrán) said, “Is it well (with you)? What is this perturbation and emotion? Does the unlucky year give an evil sign?”
عذر آوردند و گفتند ای امیر کرد ما را دست تقدیرش اسیر
They offered excuses and said, “O Amír, the hand of His predestination hath made us captive.
این همه کردیم و دولت تیره شد دشمن شه هست گشت و چیره شد
We have done all this, and (now) Fortune is darkened: the King’s enemy has come into being and has prevailed.
شب ستاره‌ی آن پسر آمد عیان کوری ما بر جبین آسمان
During the night the star of that boy became clearly visible, to our confusion, on the front of heaven.
زد ستاره‌ی آن پیمبر بر سما ما ستاره‌بار گشتیم از بکا
The star of that prophet shot up in the sky: we, from weeping, began to shed stars (glistening tears).”
با دل خوش شاد عمران وز نفاق دست بر سر می‌بزد کاه الفراق
‘Imrán, with a right glad heart and from hypocrisy, was beating his hands on his head and crying, “Alas, all is lost.”
کرد عمران خویش پر خشم و ترش رفت چون دیوانگان بی عقل و هش
‘Imrán feigned to be wrathful and grim, he went (amongst them) senseless and witless, like madmen.
خویشتن را اعجمی کرد و براند گفته‌های بس خشن بر جمع خواند
He feigned to be ignorant and pushed forward and addressed to the company (of astrologers) words exceeding rough.
خویشتن را ترش و غمگین ساخت او نردهای بازگونه باخت او
He made himself out to be bitterly annoyed and grieved, he played (with) reversed dice.
گفتشان شاه مرا بفریفتید از خیانت وز طمع نشکیفتید
He said to them, “Ye have deceived my King, ye have not refrained from treachery and covetousness.
سوی میدان شاه را انگیختید آب روی شاه ما را ریختید
Ye roused the King (to go) towards the maydán, ye let our King’s honour go to waste.
دست بر سینه زدیت اندر ضمان شاه را ما فارغ آریم از غمان
Ye put your hands on your breasts in warrant, saying, ‘We will set the King free from cares.’”
شاه هم بشنید و گفت ای خاینان من بر آویزم شما را بی امان
The King too heard (how the astrologers excused themselves) and said, “O traitors, I will hang you up without quarter.
خویش را در مضحکه انداختم مالها با دشمنان در باختم
I exposed myself to derision, I squandered riches on my enemies,
تا که امشب جمله اسرائیلیان دور ماندند از ملاقات زنان
To the end that to-night all the Israelites might remain far away from meeting with their wives.
مال رفت و آب رو و کار خام این بود یاری و افعال کرام
Wealth and honour are gone, and all is done in vain: is this (true) friendship and (are these) the deeds of the noble?
سالها ادرار و خلعت می‌برید مملکتها را مسلم می‌خورید
For years ye have been taking stipends and robes of honour and devouring kingdoms as ye pleased.
رایتان این بود و فرهنگ و نجوم طبل‌خوارانید و مکارید و شوم
Was this (the only result of) your judgement and wisdom and astrology? Ye are lickspittles and deceivers and ill-omened.
من شما را بر درم و آتش زنم بینی و گوش و لبانتان بر کنم
I will rend you to pieces and set you ablaze, I will tear off your noses and ears and lips.
من شما را هیزم آتش کنم عیش رفته بر شما ناخوش کنم
I will make you fuel for the fire, I will make your past pleasure unsweet to you.”
سجده کردند و بگفتند ای خدیو گر یکی کرت ز ما چربید دیو
They prostrated themselves and said, “O Khedive, if (this) one time the Devil has prevailed against us,
سالها دفع بلاها کرده‌ایم وهم حیران زانچ ماها کرده‌ایم
(Yet) for years we have warded off afflictions: the imagination is dumbfounded by that which we have done.
فوت شد از ما و حملش شد پدید نطفه‌اش جست و رحم اندر خزید
(Now) it (the prevention of this calamity) has eluded us, and his conception has occurred: semen ejus exsiliit et in uterum irrepsit; [(Now) it (the prevention of this calamity) has eluded us, and his conception has occurred: his semen spurted forth and crept into the womb;]
لیک استغفار این روز ولاد ما نگه داریم ای شاه و قباد
But (we crave) pardon for this, (and) we shall watch the day of birth, O King and Sovereign.
روز میلادش رصد بندیم ما تا نگردد فوت و نجهد این قضا
We shall observe (by the stars) the day of his nativity, that this event may not escape and evade us.
گر نداریم این نگه ما را بکش ای غلام رای تو افکار و هش
If we do not keep watch for this, kill us, O thou to whose judgement (our) thoughts and intelligence are slaves.”
تا بنه مه می‌شمرد او روز روز تا نپرد تیر حکم خصم‌دوز
For nine months he was counting day after day, lest the arrow of the Decree that transfixes its enemy should fly (from the bow).
بر قضا هر کو شبیخون آورد سرنگون آید ز خون خود خورد
When (the world of) space makes an assault upon (the world of) non-spatiality, it falls headlong and drinks its own blood.
چون زمین با آسمان خصمی کند شوره گردد سر ز مرگی بر زند
When the earth shows enmity to the sky, it becomes salty (barren) and presents a spectacle of death.
نقش با نقاش پنجه می‌زند سبلتان و ریش خود بر می‌کند
(When) the picture (creature) struggles hand to hand with the Painter (Creator), it (only) tears out its own moustaches and beard.




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