How Pharaoh was frightened

How Pharaoh was frightened by the noise. ترسیدن فرعون از آن بانگ

این صدا جان مرا تغییر کرد از غم و اندوه تلخم پیر کرد
This sound hath marred my soul and aged me with bitter pain and grief.”
پیش می‌آمد سپس می‌رفت شه جمله شب او همچو حامل وقت زه
The King was pacing to and fro, all night he was even as a woman in the hour of childbirth.
هر زمان می‌گفت ای عمران مرا سخت از جا برده است این نعره‌ها
Every moment he would say, “O ‘Imrán, these clamours have upset me mightily.”
زهره نه عمران مسکین را که تا باز گوید اختلاط جفت را
Poor ‘Imrán had not the courage to relate his intercourse with his wife,
که زن عمران به عمران در خزید تا که شد استاره‌ی موسی پدید
How the wife of ‘Imrán had stolen to his side, so that the star of Moses appeared.
هر پیمبر که در آید در رحم نجم او بر چرخ گردد منتجم
Whenever any prophet enters into the womb, his star becomes conspicuous in the sky.




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