How the Arab delivered the gift

How the Arab delivered the gift, that is, the jug to the Caliph’s servants سپردن عرب هدیه را یعنی سبو را به غلامان خلیفه‌‌

آن سبوی آب را در پیش داشت
تخم خدمت را در آن حضرت بکاشت‌‌
He presented the jug of water, he sowed the seed of homage in that (exalted) court.
گفت این هدیه بدان سلطان برید
سایل شه را ز حاجت واخرید
“Bear this gift,” said he, “to the Sultan, redeem the King’s suitor from indigence.
آب شیرین و سبوی سبز و نو
ز آب بارانی که جمع آمد به گو
’Tis sweet water and a new green jug—some of the rain-water that collected in the ditch.”
خنده می‌‌آمد نقیبان را از آن
لیک پذرفتند آن را همچو جان‌‌
The officials smiled at that, but they accepted it (the jug) as (though it were precious as) life,
ز آن که لطف شاه خوب با خبر
کرده بود اندر همه ارکان اثر
Because the graciousness of the good and wise King had made a mark (impressed itself) on all the courtiers.
خوی شاهان در رعیت جا کند
چرخ اخضر خاک را خضرا کند
The disposition of kings settles (becomes implanted) in their subjects: the green sky makes the earth verdant.
شه چو حوضی دان حشم چون لوله‌‌ها
آب از لوله روان در کوله‌‌ها
Regard the king as a reservoir, his retainers as the pipes: the water runs through the pipe into the ponds (receptacles).
چون که آب جمله از حوضی است پاک
هر یکی آبی دهد خوش ذوقناک‌‌
When the water in all (the pipes) is from a pure reservoir, every single one gives sweet water, pleasant to taste;
ور در آن حوض آب شور است و پلید
هر یکی لوله همان آرد پدید
But if the water in the reservoir is brackish and dirty, every pipe brings the same to view,
ز آن که پیوسته ست هر لوله به حوض
خوض کن در معنی این حرف خوض‌‌
Because every pipe is connected with the reservoir. Dive, dive into (ponder deeply) the meaning of these words.
لطف شاهنشاه جان بی‌‌وطن
چون اثر کرده ست اندر کل تن‌‌
(Consider) how the imperial grace of the homeless Spirit has produced effects on the whole body;
لطف عقل خوش نهاد خوش نسب
چون همه تن را در آرد در ادب‌‌
How the grace of Reason, which is of goodly nature, of goodly lineage, brings the entire body into discipline;
عشق شنگ بی‌‌قرار بی‌‌سکون
چون در آرد کل تن را در جنون‌‌
How Love, saucy, uncontrolled, and restless, throws the whole body into madness.
لطف آب بحر کاو چون کوثر است
سنگ ریزه‌‌ش جمله در و گوهر است‌‌
The purity of the water of the Sea that is like Kawthar (is such that) all its pebbles are pearls and gems.
هر هنر که استا بدان معروف شد
جان شاگردان بدان موصوف شد
For whatever science the master is renowned, the souls of his pupils become endued with the same.
پیش استاد اصولی هم اصول
خواند آن شاگرد چست با حصول‌‌
With the master-theologian the quick and industrious pupil reads (scholastic) theology.
پیش استاد فقیه آن فقه خوان
فقه خواند نی اصول اندر بیان‌‌
With the master-jurist the student of jurisprudence reads jurisprudence, when he (the teacher) expounds it, not theology.
پیش استادی که او نحوی بود
جان شاگردش از او نحوی شود
With the master who is a grammarian the soul of his pupil becomes imbued by him with grammar.
باز استادی که او محو ره است
جان شاگردش از او محو شه است‌‌
Again, the master who is absorbed in the Way (of Súfism) because of him the soul of his pupil is absorbed in the King (God).
زین همه انواع دانش روز مرگ
دانش فقر است ساز راه و برگ‌‌
Of all these various kinds of knowledge, on the day of death the (best) equipment and provision for the road is the knowledge of (spiritual) poverty.




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