The reason why the magicians

The reason why the magicians of Pharaoh had courage to suffer the amputation of their hands and feet. سبب جرات ساحران فرعون بر قطع دست و پا

ساحران را نه که فرعون لعین کرد تهدید سیاست بر زمین
Is it not (the fact) that the accursed Pharaoh threatened (the magicians with) punishment on the earth,
که ببرم دست و پاتان از خلاف پس در آویزم ندارمتان معاف
Saying, “I will cut off your hands and feet on opposite sides, then I will hang you up: I will not hold you exempt (from punishment)”?
او همی‌پنداشت کایشان در همان وهم و تخویفند و وسواس و گمان
He thought that they were (still) in the same imagination and terror and distraction and doubt,
که بودشان لرزه و تخویف و ترس از توهمها و تهدیدات نفس
So that they would be trembling and terrified and affrighted by the vain imaginings and threats of the carnal soul.
او نمی‌داست کایشان رسته‌اند بر دریچه‌ی نور دل بنشسته‌اند
He did not know that they had been delivered and were seated at the window of the light of the heart;
این جهان خوابست اندر ظن مه‌ایست گر رود درخواب دستی باک نیست
(And that) they had recognised (the difference of) their (bodily) shadows from their (real) selves, and were brisk and alert and happy and exulting;
گر بخواب اندر سرت ببرید گاز هم سرت بر جاست و هم عمرت دراز
(And that), if the mortar of the Sky (Fortune) should pound them small a hundred times in this miry place (the material world),
گر ببینی خواب در خود را دو نیم تن‌درستی چون بخیزی نی سقیم
(Yet), since they had seen the origin of this (corporeal) composition, they were not afraid of the derivatives (which belong to the domain) of imagination.
حاصل اندر خواب نقصان بدن نیست باک و نه دوصد پاره شدن
This world is a dream do not rest in (false) opinion; if in dream a hand go (be lost), ’tis no harm.
این جهان را که بصورت قایمست گفت پیغامبر که حلم نایمست
If in dream a pruning-fork has cut off your head, not only is your head (still) in its place but your life is (still) prolonged.
از ره تقلید تو کردی قبول سالکان این دیده پیدا بی رسول
If in dream you see yourself (cut) in two halves, you are sound in body when you rise, not sick.
روز در خوابی مگو کین خواب نیست سایه فرعست اصل جز مهتاب نیست
The sum (of the matter is this): in dreams it is no harm for the body to be maimed or to be torn into two hundred pieces.
خواب و بیداریت آن دان ای عضد که ببیند خفته کو در خواب شد
The Prophet said of this world, which is substantial in appearance, that it is the sleeper’s dream.
او گمان برده که این دم خفته‌ام بی‌خبر زان کوست درخواب دوم
You have accepted this (statement) conventionally, (but) the travellers (on the mystic Way) have beheld this (truth) clairvoyantly, without (relation from) the Prophet.
هاون گردون اگر صد بارشان خرد کوبد اندرین گلزارشان
You are asleep in the daytime: do not say that this is not sleep. The shadow (reflexion) is derivative, the origin (of it) is naught but the moonlight.
اصل این ترکیب را چون دیده‌اند از فروع وهم کم ترسیده‌اند
Know, O comrade, that your sleep and waking (your life in this world) is as though a sleeper should dream that he has gone to sleep.
سایه‌ی خود را ز خود دانسته‌اند چابک و چست و گش و بر جسته‌اند
He thinks, “Now I am asleep,” (and is) unaware that he is (really) in the second sleep.
کوزه‌گر گر کوزه‌ای را بشکند چون بخواهد باز خود قایم کند
If the potter break a pot, he himself will restore it (to a perfect state) when he wishes.
کور را هر گام باشد ترس چاه با هزاران ترس می‌آید براه
The blind man at every step is afraid of (falling into) the pit: he walks on the road with a thousand fears;
مرد بینا دید عرض راه را پس بداند او مغاک و چاه را
(But) the seeing man has seen the width of the road, so he knows (all about) the hole and the pit;
پا و زانواش نلرزد هر دمی رو ترش کی دارد او از هر غمی
His legs and knees do not tremble at any time: how should he look sour because of any affliction?
خیز فرعونا که ما آن نیستیم که بهر بانگی و غولی بیستیم
“Arise, O Pharaoh (and do thy worst)! for we are not such (so deluded) as to stop at every cry and (every) ghoul.
خرقه‌ی ما را بدر دوزنده هست ورنه ما را خود برهنه‌تر به است
Rend our (bodily) mantle! There is One who will sew (it again); and if not, truly the more naked we are, the better for us.
بی لباس این خوب را اندر کنار خوش در آریم ای عدو نابکار
Without raiment we would fain clasp this Beauteous One to our bosoms, O enemy good-for-naught!
خوشتر از تجرید از تن وز مزاج نیست ای فرعون بی الهام گیج
There is nothing sweeter than to be stripped of the body and the (bodily) temperament, O stupid uninspired Pharaoh!”




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