The reason why the vulgar are at enmity

The reason why the vulgar are at enmity with, and live in estrangement from, the saints of God who call them unto God and the Water of Life everlasting. سبب عداوت عام و بیگانه زیستن ایشان به اولیاء خدا کی بحقشان می‌خوانند و با آب حیات ابدی

بلک از چفسیدگی در خان و مان
تلخشان آید شنیدن این بیان
Nay, but on account of their sticking to house and goods ’tis bitter (hateful) to them to hear this exposition (given by the prophets).
خرقه‌ای بر ریش خر چفسید سخت
چونک خواهی بر کنی زو لخت لخت
(Suppose) a rag is stuck fast upon the donkey’s sore: when you wish to tear it off, bit by bit,
جفته اندازد یقین آن خر ز درد
حبذا آن کس کزو پرهیز کرد
The donkey, because of the pain (inflicted on him), will certainly kick: happy the man who abstained from (touching) him!
خاصه پنجه ریش و هر جا خرقه‌ای
بر سرش چفسیده در نم غرقه‌ای
Especially (when there are) fifty sores, and a soaked rag stuck on the top of them in every case.
خان و مان چون خرقه و این حرص‌ریش
حرص هر که بیش باشد ریش بیش
House and goods are like the rag, and this greed (of thine) is the sore: the greater the greed, the greater the sore.
خان و مان چغد ویرانست و بس
نشنود اوصاف بغداد و طبس
The wilderness alone is the house and goods of the owl: he (the owl) will not listen to descriptions of Baghdád and Tabas.
گر بیاید باز سلطانی ز راه
صد خبر آرد بدین چغدان ز شاه
If a royal falcon come from the road and bring to these owls a hundred reports of the King,
شرح دارالملک و باغستان و جو
پس برو افسوس دارد صد عدو
(With) a full account of the imperial city and the orchards and the rivers then a hundred enemies will jeer at him,
که چه باز آورد افسانه‌ی کهن
کز گزاف و لاف می‌بافد سخن
Saying, ‘What has the falcon brought? An old story. He is weaving words of vanity and idle brag.’
کهنه ایشانند و پوسیده‌ی ابد
ورنه آن دم کهنه را نو می‌کند
(’Tis) they (that) are old and rotten unto everlasting; otherwise (they would know that) that breath (of prophetic inspiration) makes the old new.
مردگان کهنه را جان می‌دهد
تاج عقل و نور ایمان می‌دهد
It gives life to the old dead (spirits): it gives the crown of reason and the light of faith.
دل مدزد از دلربای روح‌بخش
که سوارت می‌کند بر پشت رخش
Do not steal thy heart away from the spirit-bestowing heart-ravisher, for he will mount thee on the back of Rakhsh.
سر مدزد از سر فراز تاج‌ده
کو ز پای دل گشاید صد گره
Do not steal thy head away from the crown-giving one whose head is exalted, for he will untie a hundred knots from the foot of thy heart.
با کی گویم در همه ده زنده کو
سوی آب زندگی پوینده کو
Whom shall I tell? Where in the village is any (spiritually) living one? Where is any one that runs towards the Water of Life?
تو به یک خواری گریزانی ز عشق
تو به جز نامی چه می‌دانی ز عشق
Thou art fleeing from Love because of a single humiliation: what dost thou know of Love except the name?
عشق را صد ناز و استکبار هست
عشق با صد ناز می‌آید به دست
Love hath a hundred disdains and prides: Love is gained by means of a hundred blandishments.
عشق چون وافیست وافی می‌خرد
در حریف بی‌وفا می‌ننگرد
Since Love is loyal, it purchases (desires) him that is loyal: it does not look at a disloyal comrade.
چون درختست آدمی و بیخ عهد
بیخ را تیمار می‌باید به جهد
Man resembles a tree, and the root is the covenant (with God): the root must be cherished with all one’s might.
عهد فاسد بیخ پوسیده بود
وز ثمار و لطف ببریده بود
A corrupt (infirm) covenant is a rotten root and is cut off (deprived) of fruit and grace.
شاخ و برگ نخل گر چه سبز بود
با فساد بیخ سبزی نیست سود
Although the boughs and leaves of the date-palm are green, greenness is no benefit (when conjoined) with corruption of the root;
ور ندارد برگ سبز و بیخ هست
عاقبت بیرون کند صد برگ دست
And if it (the bough) have no green leaves, while it hath a (good) root, at the last a hundred leaves will put forth their hands.
تو مشو غره به علمش عهد جو
علم چون قشرست و عهدش مغز او
Be not duped by his (the learned man’s) knowledge; seek (to know whether he keeps) the covenant: knowledge is like a husk, and his covenant is its kernel.




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