(Showing) how the housewife made apologies

(Showing) how the housewife made apologies

(Showing) how the housewife made apologies to the chickpea, and (explaining) the wise purpose in her keeping the chickpea on the boil.عذر گفتن کدبانو با نخود و حکمت در جوش داشتن کدبانو نخود را

آن ستی گوید ورا که پیش ازین من چو تو بودم ز اجزای زمین
The dame says to it, “Formerly I, like thee, was a part of the earth.
چون بنوشیدم جهاد آذری پس پذیرا گشتم و اندر خوری
After I had drunk a (cup of) fiery self-mortification, then I became an acceptable and worthy one.
مدتی جوشیده‌ام اندر زمن مدتی دیگر درون دیگ تن
For a long while, I boiled in (the world of) Time; for another long while, in the pot of the body.
زین دو جوشش قوت حسها شدم روح گشتم پس ترا استا شدم
By reason of these two boilings I became (a source of) strength to the senses: I became (animal) spirit: then I became thy teacher.
در جمادی گفتمی زان می‌دوی تا شوی علم و صفات معنوی
(Whilst I was) in the inanimate state I used to say (to myself), ‘Thou art running (to and fro in agitation) to the end that thou mayst become (endued with) knowledge and spiritual qualities.’
چون شدم من روح پس بار دگر جوش دیگر کن ز حیوانی گذر
Since I have become (animal) spirit, now (let me) boil once more and pass beyond animality.”
از خدا می‌خواه تا زین نکته‌ها در نلغزی و رسی در منتها
Beseech God continually that you may not stumble over these deep sayings and that you may arrive at the (journey’s) end,
زانک از قرآن بسی گمره شدند زان رسن قومی درون چه شدند
For many have been led astray by the Qur’án: by (clinging to that rope a multitude have fallen into the well.
مر رسن را نیست جرمی ای عنود چون ترا سودای سربالا نبود
There is no fault in the rope, O perverse man, inasmuch as you had no desire for (reaching) the top.




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