The rest of the Story of the building

The rest of the Story of the building of the Farther Mosque. بقیه‌ی قصه‌ی بنای مسجد اقصی

چون سلیمان کرد آغاز بنا
پاک چون کعبه همایون چون منی
When Solomon began the building holy like the Ka’ba, august like Miná.
در بنااش دیده می‌شد کر و فر
نی فسرده چون بناهای دگر
In his building were seen splendour and magnificence: it was not frigid (dull and lifeless) like other buildings.
در بنا هر سنگ کز که می‌سکست
فاش سیروا بی‌همی گفت از نخست
From the first, every stone in the building (every stone) that was broken off from the mountain was saying clearly, “Take me along!”
هم‌چو از آب و گل آدم‌کده
نور ز آهک پاره‌ها تابان شده
As from the water and earth of the house (bodily tenement) of Adam, (so) did light shine forth from the pieces of mortar.
سنگ بی‌حمال آینده شده
وان در و دیوارها زنده شده
The stones were coming without carrier, and those doors and walls had become living.
حق همی‌گوید که دیوار بهشت
نیست چون دیوارها بی‌جان و زشت
God saith that the ‘wall of Paradise is not lifeless and ugly like (other) walls;
چون در و دیوار تن با آگهیست
زنده باشد خانه چون شاهنشهیست
Like the door and wall of the body, it is (endowed) with intelligence: the house (Paradise) is living since it belongs to the King of kings.
هم درخت و میوه هم آب زلال
با بهشتی در حدیث و در مقال
Both tree and fruit and limpid water (take part) with the in habitant of Paradise in conversation and discourse,
زانک جنت را نه ز آلت بسته‌اند
بلک از اعمال و نیت بسته‌اند
Because Paradise has not been fashioned out of (the builder’s) materials; nay, but it has been fashioned out of (good) deeds and intentions.
این بنا ز آب و گل مرده بدست
وان بنا از طاعت زنده شدست
This edifice has been (made) of dead water and earth, while that edifice has arisen from living piety.
این به اصل خویش ماند پرخلل
وان به اصل خود که علمست و عمل
This (edifice) resembles its foundation (which is) full of defect, and that (edifice resembles) its foundation, which is knowledge and action.
هم سریر و قصر و هم تاج و ثیاب
با بهشتی در سال و در جواب
Both throne and palace and crown and robes are (engaged) in question and reply (conversation) with the inhabitant of Paradise.
فرش بی‌فراش پیچیده شود
خانه بی‌مکناس روبیده شود
The carpet (there) is folded without the farrash (carpet- spreader); the house (Paradise) is swept without the broom.
خانه‌ی دل بین ز غم ژولیده شد
بی‌کناس از توبه‌ای روبیده شد
Behold the house of the heart: it was disordered by (worldly) cares: without sweeper it was swept (clean) by a (vow of) repentance.
تخت او سیار بی‌حمال شد
حلقه و در مطرب و قوال شد
Its throne moved along without carrier; its door-ring and door became (sweet-sounding like) musician and singer.
هست در دل زندگی دارالخلود
در زبانم چون نمی‌آید چه سود
The life of the everlasting Abode (Paradise) exists in the heart: since it comes not on to my tongue, what is the use (of my attempting to describe it)?
چون سلیمان در شدی هر بامداد
مسجد اندر بهر ارشاد عباد
When Solomon went into the Mosque every morning to guide the servants (of God) in the right way,
پند دادی گه بگفت و لحن و ساز
گه به فعل اعنی رکوعی یا نماز
He would give exhortation, sometimes by speech and melody and harmony, sometimes by act I mean, a bowing or (service of) prayer.
پند فعلی خلق را جذاب‌تر
که رسد در جان هر باگوش و کر
The exhortation of act draws people more powerfully, for it reaches the soul of every one that hath hearing and (also) the deaf.
اندر آن وهم امیری کم بود
در حشم تاثیر آن محکم بود
In that (kind of exhortation) the conceit of princedom is less (than in the other kind): the impression made by it upon the (prince’s) followers is strong.




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