The Cadi’s reply to the Súfí

The Cadi’s reply to the Súfí. جواب دادن قاضی صوفی را

گفت قاضی گر نبودی امر مر ور نبودی خوب و زشت و سنگ و در
The Cadi said, “Were there no bitter (stern) Commandment (from God) and were there no good and evil and no pebbles and pearls,
ور نبودی نفس و شیطان و هوا ور نبودی زخم و چالیش و وغا
And were there no flesh and Devil and passions, and were there no blows and battle and war,
پس به چه نام و لقب خواندی ملک بندگان خویش را ای منهتک
Then by what name and title would the King call His servants, O abandoned man?
چون بگفتی ای صبور و ای حلیم چون بگفتی ای شجاع و ای حکیم
How could He say, ‘O steadfast one’ and ‘O forbearing one’? How could He say, ‘O brave one’ and ‘O wise one’?
صابرین و صادقین و منفقین چون بدی بی ره‌زن و دیو لعین
How could there be steadfast and sincere and spending men without a brigand and accursed Devil?
رستم و حمزه و مخنث یک بدی علم و حکمت باطل و مندک بدی
Rustam and Hamza and a catamite would be (all) one; knowledge and wisdom would be annulled and utterly demolished.
علم و حکمت بهر راه و بی‌رهیست چون همه ره باشد آن حکمت تهیست
Knowledge and wisdom exist for the purpose of (distinguishing between) the right path and the wrong paths: when all (paths) are the right path, knowledge and wisdom are void (of meaning).
بهر این دکان طبع شوره‌آب هر دو عالم را روا داری خراب
Do you think it allowable that both the worlds should be ruined for the sake of this briny (foul) shop of the (sensual) nature?
من همی‌دانم که تو پاکی نه خام وین سالت هست از بهر عوام
I know that you are pure (enlightened), not raw (foolish), and that these questions of yours are (asked) for the sake of (instructing) the vulgar.
جور دوران و هر آن رنجی که هست سهل‌تر از بعد حق و غفلتست
The cruelty of Time (Fortune) and every affliction that exists are lighter than farness from God and forgetfulness (of Him),
زآنک اینها بگذرند آن نگذرد دولت آن دارد که جان آگه برد
Because these (afflictions) will pass, (but) that (forgetfulness) will not. (Only) he that brings his spirit (to God) awake (and mindful of Him) is possessed of felicity.”




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