How likewise the soul is drawn

How likewise the soul is drawn to the world of spirits, and how it craves and desires its home, and becomes severed from the bodily parts which are a fetter on the leg of the spiritual falcon.منجذب شدن جان نیز به عالم ارواح و تقاضای او و میل او به مقر خود و منقطع شدن از اجزای اجسام کی هم کنده‌ی پای باز روح‌اند

گوید ای اجزای پست فرشیم غربت من تلختر من عرشیم
It (the soul) says, “O my base earthly parts, my exile is more bitter (than yours): I am celestial.”
میل تن در سبزه و آب روان زان بود که اصل او آمد از آن
The desire of the body for green herbs and running water is because its origin is from those;
میل جان اندر حیات و در حی است زانک جان لامکان اصل وی است
The desire of the soul is for Life and for the Living One, because its origin is the Infinite Soul.
میل جان در حکمتست و در علوم میل تن در باغ و راغست و کروم
The desire of the soul is for wisdom and the sciences; the desire of the body is for orchards and meadows and vines.
میل جان اندر ترقی و شرف میل تن در کسب و اسباب علف
That exaltedness too hath desire and love towards the soul: from this (fact) understand (the meaning of) He loves them and they love (Him).
میل و عشق آن شرف هم سوی جان زین یحب را و یحبون را بدان
That exaltedness too hath desire and love towards the soul: from this (fact) understand (the meaning of)He loves themandthey love (Him).
حاصل آنک هر که او طالب بود جان مطلوبش درو راغب بود
If I explain this, ’twill be endless: the Mathnawí will amount to eighty volumes.
گر بگویم شرح این بی حد شود مثنوی هشتاد تا کاغذ شود
The gist is that whenever any one seeks, the soul of the object sought by him is desiring him.
آدمی حیوان نباتی و جماد هر مرادی عاشق هر بی‌مراد
(Whether it be) man, animal, plant, or mineral, every object of desire is in love with everything that is without (has not attained to) the object of desire.
بی‌مرادان بر مرادی می‌تنند و آن مرادان جذب ایشان می‌کنند
Those who are without their object of desire attach themselves to an object of desire, and those desired ones draw them (on);
لیک میل عاشقان لاغر کند میل معشوقان خوش و خوش‌فر کند
But the desire of the lovers makes them lean, (while) the desire of the loved ones makes them fair and beauteous.
عشق معشوقان دو رخ افروخته عشق عاشق جان او را سوخته
The love of the loved ones illumines the cheeks; the love of the lover consumes his soul.
کهربا عاشق به شکل بی‌نیاز کاه می‌کوشد در آن راه دراز
The amber loves (the straw) with the appearance of wanting naught, (while) the straw is making efforts (to advance) on that long road.
این رها کن عشق آن تشنه‌دهان تافت اندر سینه‌ی صدر جهان
Leave this (topic). The love of that thirsty-mouthed man shone (was reflected) in the breast of the Sadr-i Jahán.
دود آن عشق و غم آتش‌کده رفته در مخدوم او مشفق شده
The smoke of the love and pain of the fire-temple (his burning heart) entered his lord (and) turned into compassion.
لیکش از ناموس و بوش و آب رو شرم می‌آمد که وا جوید ازو
But on account of (his) glory and pride and magnificence he was ashamed to inquire for him:
رحمتش مشتاق آن مسکین شده سلطنت زین لطف مانع آمده
His mercy had begun to yearn after that lowly man, (but) his majesty hindered (him) from (showing) this kindness.
عقل حیران کین عجب او را کشید یا کشش زان سو بدینجانب رسید
The intellect is bewildered, wondering whether this one (the Sadr-i Jahán) attracted him (the lover), or whether the attraction came from that quarter (from the lover) to this side.
ترک جلدی کن کزین ناواقفی لب ببند الله اعلم بالخفی
Abandon presumption, for thou art ignorant of this. Close thy lips: God best knoweth the secret.
این سخن را بعد ازین مدفون کنم آن کشنده می‌کشد من چون کنم
Henceforth I will bury this topic. That Drawer is drawing me (in another direction): what can I do?
کیست آن کت می‌کشد ای معتنی آنک می‌نگذاردت کین دم زنی
Who is he that is drawing thee, O solicitous one? He who doth not allow thee to utter this word.
صد عزیمت می‌کنی بهر سفر می‌کشاند مر ترا جای دگر
Thou makest a hundred resolutions to journey (to a certain spot): He draweth thee to some other place.
زان بگرداند به هر سو آن لگام تا خبر یابد ز فارس اسپ خام
He turns the (horse’s) bridle in every direction in order that the untrained horse may gain knowledge of the rider.
اسپ زیرکسار زان نیکو پیست کو همی‌داند که فارس بر ویست
The clever horse is well-paced because it knows that the rider is (mounted) on it.
او دلت را بر دو صد سودا ببست بی‌مرادت کرد پس دل را شکست
He fixed thy heart on a hundred passionate desires, disappointed thee, and then broke thy heart.
چون شکست او بال آن رای نخست چون نشد هستی بال‌اشکن درست
Inasmuch as He broke the wings of that first intention (of thine), how was not the existence of the Wing-breaker perfectly established (in thy mind)?
چون قضایش حبل تدبیرت سکست چون نشد بر تو قضای آن درست
Since His ordainment snapped the cord of thy contrivance, how was not God’s ordainment perfectly established (clearly proven) to thee?




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