The saying of the Prophet

The saying of the Prophet, on whom be peace, “Whosoever shall bring me the glad news of the expiration of (the month) Safar, I will give him the glad news of (his being destined to enter) Paradise.” قوله علیه السلام من بشرنی بخروج صفر بشرته بالجنة

احمد آخر زمان را انتقال
در ربیع اول آید بی جدال
The decease of Ahmad (Mohammed), (the prophet) of the last (epoch of) time, will indisputably occur in (the month of) the First Rabí‘.
چون خبر یابد دلش زین وقت نقل
عاشق آن وقت گردد او به عقل
When his heart shall gain knowledge of this moment of decease, he will become intellectually in love with that moment, 
چون صفر آید شود شاد از صفر
که پس این ماه می‌سازم سفر
And when (the month) Safar comes, he will rejoice on account of Safar, saying, ‘After this month I will make the journey.’”
هر شبی تا روز زین شوق هدی
ای رفیق راه اعلی می‌زدی
From this longing for (the Divine) guidance he (Mohammed) was crying, every night till daybreak, “O most High Companion on the Way!”
گفت هر کس که مرا مژده دهد
چون صفر پای از جهان بیرون نهد
He said, “Any person who gives me the good news, when Safar steps forth from this world,
که صفر بگذشت و شد ماه ربیع
مژده‌ور باشم مر او را و شفیع
That Safar is past and that the month of Rabí‘ is come for him I will be a bearer of good news and an intercessor.”
گفت عکاشه صفر بگذشت و رفت
گفت که جنت ترا ای شیر زفت
Ukkásha said, “Safar is past and gone.” He (Mohammed) said, “O mighty lion (valiant hero), Paradise is thine.”
دیگری آمد که بگذشت آن صفر
گفت عکاشه ببرد از مژده بر
Some one else came, saying, “Safar is past.” He (Mohammed) said, “Ukkásha has borne away the fruit (has gained the reward) for the good news.”
پس رجال از نقل عالم شادمان
وز بقااش شادمان این کودکان
Men, therefore, rejoice in the world’s departing (from them), while these children rejoice in its abiding (with them).
چونک آب خوش ندید آن مرغ کور
پیش او کوثر نیامد آب شور
Inasmuch as the blind bird did not see the sweet water, the briny water seems to it (like) Kawthar.
هم‌چنین موسی کرامت می‌شمرد
که نگردد صاف اقبال تو درد
Thus was Moses enumerating the (gifts of) grace, saying, “The pure (liquor) of thy fortune will not be turned into dregs.”
گفت احسنت و نکو گفت ولیک
تا کنم من مشورت با یار نیک
He (Pharaoh) said, “Thou hast done well and spoken well, but (give me time) that I may take counsel with (my) good friend.”




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