The story of an archer

The story of an archer and his fear of a horseman who was riding in a forest. قصه‏ی تیر اندازی و ترسیدن او از سواری که در بیشه می‏رفت‏

یک سواری با سلاح و بس مهیب
می‏شد اندر بیشه بر اسبی نجیب‏
A horseman, armed and very terrible (in appearance), was riding in the forest on a high-bred horse.
تیر اندازی به حکم او را بدید
پس ز خوف او کمان را در کشید
An expert archer espied him, and then from fear of him drew his bow,
تا زند تیری سوارش بانگ زد
من ضعیفم گر چه زفت استم جسد
To shoot an arrow. The horseman shouted to him, “I am a weakling, though my body is big.
هان و هان منگر تو در زفتی من
که کمم در وقت جنگ از پیر زن‏
Take heed! Take heed! Do not regard my bigness, for in the hour of battle I am less than an old woman.”
گفت رو که نیک گفتی ور نه نیش
بر تو می‏انداختم از ترس خویش‏
“Pass on,” said he; “thou hast spoken well, else by reason of my fear I should have shot a barb at thee.”
بس کسان را کالت پیکار کشت
بی‏رجولیت چنان تیغی به مشت‏
Many are they whom implements of war have slain, (since they held) such a sword in their hands, without the manhood (to use it).
گر بپوشی تو سلاح رستمان
رفت جانت چون نباشی مرد آن‏
If you don the armour of Rustams, your soul goes (your life is lost) when you are not the man for it.
جان سپر کن تیغ بگذار ای پسر
هر که بی‏سر بود از این شه برد سر
Make your soul a shield and drop the sword, O son: whoever is headless (selfless) saves his head from this King.
آن سلاحت حیله و مکر تو است
هم ز تو زایید و هم جان تو خست‏
Those weapons of yours are your (selfish) contriving and plotting; they have sprung from you and at the same time have wounded your soul.
چون نکردی هیچ سودی زین حیل
ترک حیلت کن که پیش آید دول‏
Since you have gained nothing by these contrivings, abandon contrivance, that happy fortunes may meet (you).
چون که یک لحظه نخوردی بر ز فن
ترک فن گو می‏طلب رب المنن‏
Since you have not for one moment enjoyed (any) fruit from the arts (of the schools), bid farewell to the arts, and seek always the Lord of bounties.
چون مبارک نیست بر تو این علوم
خویشتن گولی کن و بگذر ز شوم‏
Since these sciences bring you no blessing, make yourself a dunce and leave ill luck behind.
چون ملایک گو که لا علم لنا
یا الهی غیر ما علمتنا
Like the angels, say, “We have no knowledge, O God, except what Thou hast taught us.”




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