Timet puer quidam hominem corpulentum

Timet puer quidam hominem corpulentum

Timet puer quidam hominem corpulentum. “Ne timueris,” inquit, “O puer; ego enim vir non sum.” [About a boy’s fear of the corpulent man and how that person said, “Don’t be afraid, O boy, since I am not manly.”] ترسیدن کودک از آن شخص صاحب جثه و گفتن آن شخص که ای کودک مترس که من نامردم‏

کنگ زفتی کودکی را یافت فرد
زرد شد کودک ز بیم قصد مرد
Juvenis robustus puerum deprehendit solum. Palluit timore puer ne forte homo impetum faceret. [A stout youth found a boy alone. The boy turned pale from fear of the man’s intention (to attack).]
گفت ایمن باش ای زیبای من
که تو خواهی بود بر بالای من‏
“Securus esto,” inquit, “mi pulcher; tu enim super me eris.” [He (the man) said, “Be secure, O my lovely one, since you will be on top of me. ]
من اگر هولم مخنث دان مرا
همچو اشتر بر نشین می‏ران مرا
Etiamsi terribilis (aspectu) sum, scito me impotentem esse ad coitum: me sicut camelum conscende, propelle.” [“Although I am dreadful (in appearance), know me (to be an impotent) catamite. Mount me like a camel (and) thrust.”]
صورت مردان و معنی این چنین
از برون آدم درون دیو لعین‏
(With) the appearance of men and the reality like this Adam without, the accursed Devil within.
آن دهل را مانی ای زفت چو عاد
که بر او آن شاخ را می‏کوفت باد
O you that are big as the people of ‘Ád, you resemble the drum against which a branch was beaten by the wind.
روبهی اشکار خود را باد داد
بهر طبلی همچو خیک پر ز باد
A fox abandoned his prey for the sake of a drum like a wind-filled leathern bag,
چون ندید اندر دهل او فربهی
گفت خوکی به ازین خیک تهی‏
(But) when he found no (real) fatness in the drum, he said, “A hog is better than this empty bag.”
روبهان ترسند ز آواز دهل
عاقلش چندان زند که لا تقل‏
Foxes are afraid of the noise of the drum; (but) the wise man beats it ever so much, saying, “Speak not!”




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