Venit Khalífa ad puellam formosam concubitus causa

Venit Khalífa ad puellam formosam concubitus causa. [How the Caliph came next to that one of beautiful face for the sake of (sexual) intercourse.] آمدن خلیفه نزد آن خوب‌روی برای جماع

آن خلیفه کرد رای اجتماع سوی آن زن رفت از بهر جماع
Ille Khalífa concubitum sibi proposuit, illam feminam coitus causa adivit. [The Caliph decided on a meeting; he went to that woman for the sake of (sexual) intercourse.]
ذکر او کرد و ذکر بر پای کرد قصد خفت و خیز مهرافزای کرد
Eam recordatus penem erexit, animum intendit ut concubitu cum ea quae amorem augebat frueretur. [He remembered her and got (his) penis erect; he intended to (have) sexual intercourse with (that) love-increaser.]
چون میان پای آن خاتون نشست پس قضا آمد ره عیشش ببست
Cum inter crura mulieris recubavit, tum venit (Dei) decretum, ei viam voluptatis occlusit. [When he sat between the legs of the lady, then the Decree (of God) came (and) blocked the way to his pleasure.]
خشت و خشت موش در گوشش رسید خفت کیرش شهوتش کلی رمید
Ad aures pervenit sonus tenuis quem mus facere solet: penis ejus languit, libido tota decessit; [The rustling of a mouse reached his ear: his penis rested (went limp), his lust completely fled; ]
وهم آن کز مار باشد این صریر که همی‌جنبد بتندی از حصیر
Putabat enim illum susurrum ab angue exortum esse qui sese e storea vehementer sublevaret. [His suspicion (was) that this grating sound was from a snake that was violently moving (out) from (beneath) the straw mat.]




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