Description of the lover

Description of the lover-killing mosque and of the death-seeking reckless lover who became a guest there.صفت آن مسجد کی عاشق‌کش بود و آن عاشق مرگ‌جوی لا ابالی کی درو مهمان شد

یک حکایت گوش کن ای نیک‌پی مسجدی بد بر کنار شهر ری
Lend ear to a story, O well-conducted man! There was a mosque on the outskirts of the city of Rayy.
هیچ کس در وی نخفتی شب ز بیم که نه فرزندش شدی آن شب یتیم
No one ever slept the night there but on the same night (he died) from terror (and) his children became orphans.
بس که اندر وی غریب عور رفت صبحدم چون اختران در گور رفت
Many the naked (destitute) stranger that went into it (at nightfall) and went at dawn, like the stars, into the grave.
خویشتن را نیک ازین آگاه کن صبح آمد خواب را کوتاه کن
Make thyself very attentive to this (tale)! The dawn is come, cut short thy slumber!
هر کسی گفتی که پریانند تند اندرو مهمان کشان با تیغ کند
Every one used to say that in it there were fierce Jinnís who killed the guests with blunt swords.
آن دگر گفتی که سحرست و طلسم کین رصد باشد عدو جان و خصم
Another would say, “It is the magic and talisman, for this enchantment is the foe and enemy of life.”
آن دگر گفتی که بر نه نقش فاش بر درش کای میهمان اینجا مباش
Another would say, “Put an inscription (notice) conspicuously on its door—‘O guest, do not stay here.
شب مخسپ اینجا اگر جان بایدت ورنه مرگ اینجا کمین بگشایدت
Do not sleep the night here, if you want to live; otherwise, death will unmask an ambush for you in this place.’”
وان یکی گفتی که شب قفلی نهید غافلی کاید شما کم ره دهید
And another would say, “Bolt (the door) at night, (and when) a heedless person comes, do not admit him.”




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