How that lover reached his Beloved

How that lover reached his Beloved when he washed his hands of (gave up) his life.رسیدن آن عاشق به معشوق خویش چون دست از جان خود بشست

همچو گویی سجده کن بر رو و سر جانب آن صدر شد با چشم تر
Prostrating himself on face and head, like a ball, he went with wet eyes towards the Sadr (Prince).
جمله خلقان منتظر سر در هوا کش بسوزد یا برآویزد ورا
All the people were waiting, their heads in the air, (to see) whether he would burn or hang him.
این زمان این احمق یک لخت را آن نماید که زمان بدبخت را
“Now” (they said) “he will show to this simpleton that which Time (Fortune) shows to the unfortunate.
همچو پروانه شرر را نور دید احمقانه در فتاد از جان برید
Like the moth, he (the lover) deemed the (fiery) sparks to be the light: foolishly he fell in and was cut off from (deprived of) life.”
لیک شمع عشق چون آن شمع نیست روشن اندر روشن اندر روشنیست
But the candle of Love is not like that (external) candle: it is radiance in radiance in radiance.
او به عکس شمعهای آتشیست می‌نماید آتش و جمله خوشیست
It is the reverse of the fiery candles: it seems to be fire, while (in reality) it is all sweetness.




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