How a loved one asked her lover

How a loved one asked her lover

How a loved one asked her lover who had travelled in foreign countries, “Which city didst thou find the fairest and most thronged and the most magnificent and rich and charming?” پرسیدن معشوقی از عاشق غریب خود کی از شهرها کدام شهر را خوشتر یافتی و انبوه‌تر و محتشم‌تر و پر نعمت‌تر و دلگشاتر

گفت معشوقی به عاشق کای فتی تو به غربت دیده‌ای بس شهرها
A loved one said to her lover, “O youth, thou hast seen many cities abroad.
پس کدامین شهر ز آنها خوشترست گفت آن شهری که در وی دلبرست
Which of them, then, is the fairest?” He replied, “The city where my sweetheart is.”
هرکجا باشد شه ما را بساط هست صحرا گر بود سم الخیاط
Wherever the carpet is (spread) for our King, (there) is the (spacious) plain, though it (that place) be (as narrow as) the eye of a needle.
هر کجا که یوسفی باشد چو ماه جنتست ارچه که باشد قعر چاه
Wherever a Joseph (beautiful) as the moon may be, ’tis Paradise, even though it be the bottom of a well.




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