10 methods for advancing in learning Persian

You may be wondering how to progress in learning Persian so that you can master Persian faster.
Here we have prepared 10 tips for you to progress in learning Persian.

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1. Remove all possible disruptive factors while learning Persian

This situation may have happened to you: you have gathered all your study utensils and are ready to start. Suddenly, your mobile rings and your best friend wants to know about your day. Of course, you need to respond immediately and the Persian task has to wait. Help yourself and please avoid such situations. Turn off your mobile and let your friends know that you are not available for the next hour. We know, it seems difficult in the beginning, but you will soon recognize that your study sessions become more efficient.

2. Take an online Persian class

Online Persian classes are a great way to practice your speaking and listening skills. You can take an online class from our site. You can have a call with a native Persian teacher and schedule an hour to have a conversation. This is a great way to practice real Persian conversations at home. If you don’t understand some grammar topic or new vocabulary, then you can ask your Persian teacher to explain it to you.

3. Help yourself with sketches and notes

Every one of us has a different learning behavior and a specific strategy for learning a foreign language. Often, it may help you to visualize things. Start to make drawings for words or difficult connections and if you can’t understand some aspects, start taking notes. It could be helpful and effective if you worked with various colors or index cards. Actually, that helps to nourish your imagination and draws your attention to what is important. Visualizations, display complex statements in a simple and comprehensible way and help you to understand better. And also they give you a better overview of your study matter. It may help you to divide the Persian grammar into small categories or groups, which you then indicate with different colors. Pick up a Persian text and underline the words with the correct color.

For example:

اسم ها: Nouns – blue
فعل ها: Verbs – red
صفت ها: Adjectives – green

4. Watch Movies

Watching movies is a popular way to improve your listening and even to improve your Persian vocabulary. Watching movies can be useful for learning in 2 ways. The first way is to use movies as part of your study. That means you watch a movie slowly and try to understand every single word with the subtitles and write down the new Persian vocabulary. The second way (and most common probably!) is to watch movies passively. This is not as effective and efficient but is still good to do if you are too tired to study.

5. Grant your brain a breather from time to time

After an intensive study period of 50 minutes to one hour, it is advisable to put all your stuff aside and take a rest. Don’t regard rest as “lost time”, because what you have learned needs to be processed before your brain can be filled with new information and learning material. Get some fresh air and open your window or go to your yard. Your brain needs oxygen to function efficiently and it will help you to concentrate again. Please remember to stay hydrated while studying!

online Farsi courses on YouTube:

6. Listen to music and read Lyrics

Listening to music is a great way to practice learning Persian. There is so much great music in Persian and you can use listen to music and improve your Persian at the same time. Listening to music and read lyrics is great practice for the learners who can understand about 70% of Persian and want to understand everything.

7. Interact with people who speak Persian

Do you have someone in your family or among friends who speaks Persian, as her/his native language? Arrange some meetings or start chatting with him/her. If not, we would recommend making use of the benefits of social media. You’ll definitely find some People or groups that speak Persian and who knows, maybe thereby you find some new possibilities to improve your Persian skills. You can join these groups and take action as a user. Ask questions or try to get some good advice. In fact, the purpose of these groups is the exchange of ideas, thoughts, or approaches, which might help you to get a better understanding of something.

8. Use apps to learn more vocabulary 

Mondly, Memrise, Mango Languages, Pimsleur, and Rosetta Stone are all great apps that you can use to learn Persian. These apps are good choices for learning vocabulary.

9. Reward yourself after a Persian session

Do you have completed another new chapter? Well done. Reward yourself with a piece of chocolate, a cup of coffee, or a well-deserved nap on the couch. Be proud of your performance, even if you achieved a little more than yesterday. In fact, a study session is linked with something positive in your subconscious, and therefore, it will be much easier to motivate yourself in the future.

10. Find a language partner

A language partner is a nice way to learn about the culture that you are interested in and also practice Persian and teach and share your own culture. You can easily find a language partner In language exchange apps.

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