How to Learn Persian: Your Step-by-Step Guide from Basics to Fluency

Some foreign language enthusiasts are drawn to Persian. It’s not surprising since this language is such a beautiful, rhythmic, and romantic language.

People name different reasons why learning Persian is worth it, but there is no single way to achieve fluency. In this article, we have listed the major milestones you will have to cover as you advance in this language. But before we start, let’s answer some frequently asked questions.

Is Persian easy to learn?

We think that Persian is not a difficult language.

Also, its grammar is not too hard, and the pronunciation is also easy to learn. However, exactly like with any foreign language learning, you need to invest time and effort to master your skills.

Here is when Learn Persian Online comes in handy. Our educational platform not only provides learners with useful tips on Persian learning but also offers 1-on-1 lessons with native Persian tutors. All sessions with a personal native tutor take place online so that you can save time significantly. Just enter our online classroom to start a lesson. Are you ready to start this journey?

Why learn Persian?


Persian is the language of romance, and besides it, Iran has a lot to offer, if you are a tourist. Ancient monuments, Landscapes, world-known heritage sites, and fascinating coastlines — there is plenty to see. Speaking Persian will let you take tours to lesser-known, unique places. Therefore, your tourist experience will be much more rewarding and authentic when you speak the Persian language.


Iranian culture is one of the richest cultures in the world. The roots of some cultures and ceremonies go back as far as 2500 years ago. Because Iran has the oldest civilization in the world.

When learning Persian online, having clear goals is essential to stay focused and motivated. Keeping the big picture in mind like becoming fluent is great. But small, easy-to-achieve goals let you progress more. So, please be sure to write them down so you can move step-by-step.

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How to learn Persian easily?

Becoming fluent in a new foreign language is a long journey, so our recommendation is to arm yourself with motivation and read this article that will hopefully get you off to a good start.

1. Create an easy-to-follow plan

How to learn Persian fast? No achievement happens in a day. Therefore, it’s better to make a step-by-step study plan. It’ll help you organize your time and show where you stand in terms of learning progress.

  • Decide how many hours per week, you want to dedicate to studying Persian. If your goal is to learn Persian fast, you should know that sticking to deadlines brings results faster. So, be sure that you know how much time you can spend learning Persian. Ideally, at least 3 hours a week.
  • You should reserve time each day for study sessions. Whether you study on the go, during your dinner time, or after work, make sure you can stay focused all the time.
  • Stick to your schedule! It’s your best friend in Persian learning. And absolutely you don’t want to let your friend down. So please commit to your plan and use every chance to practice.

How often do you study Persian? Even if you have a busy schedule, you better start studying regularly if you want to see great results soon.

2. Practice basic grammar

How long does it take to learn Persian grammar? Unlike the sound system, Persian grammar will most likely take months to learn. It is logical to start with the basics and lay a solid foundation before you dive into more complicated grammatical patterns.

Here you can read some simple things to cover during your first steps:

  • Word order. Persian sentences have the Subject-Object-Verb order. Also, you will notice that the position of other words in a sentence is not restricted.
  • Articles and nouns. Persian nouns don’t have gender. articles define whether a noun is singular or plural.
  • Adjectives. Persian is a descriptive language, and adjectives play a great role in it.

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3. Build up your vocabulary

You probably heard some basic Persian words and phrases — like the well-known «سلام ,خداحافظ, زیبا». If you want to expand your vocabulary quickly, you should start with the most commonly used Persian words you can use every day. Put them into practice, and you’ll start speaking Persian with confidence in no time. Keep a notebook at hand to write down new Persian words and repeat the ones you already know.

4. Make Persian fun 

There are plenty of ways to learn the Persian language without getting bored. Consider numerous podcasts, videos of real Persian speakers on YouTube, flashcards, apps, and textbooks that will help you practice every day. Learning Persian through lyrics, and movies are useful for improving your fluency, too.

5. Create a little Iran around you 

By speaking with natives and getting to know their traditions, you’ll be able to speak Persian with more confidence very quickly. However, traveling abroad isn’t always an option for everyone. If you don’t have an opportunity to travel to Iran, the best way to learn Persian is to immerse yourself in the language wherever you are.

For example, you can speak Persian or read aloud and record yourself to improve your pronunciation. You can also write captions on Instagram or tweet in Persian using simple phrases. Once you have your vocabulary built up, you can use it in conversations with native Persian speakers.

If you can’t find anyone to practice Persian in your vicinity, Learn Persian Online lets you learn Persian online via private one-on-one tutoring sessions with native speakers. All lessons are provided online through video chat, so you can easily study right from your device whenever you want.

6. Read Persian Books

This is one of the most amazing tips to improve any language in an easy manner. If you want to expand your vocabulary or learn new Persian words, gain confidence in reading Persian texts, or improve your grammar, then reading books written in Persian will achieve all these goals. Start out with those books which have an easy vocabulary, especially if you are a beginner learner.

7. Join An Online Community to Pace Up your Learning

Social networks can also help you in Learning Persian Language. There are several social groups and communities over the internet that support Persian language learning. You can also participate in forums which definitely help to solve any query related to Persian learning. Firstly, you need to find the most interesting community where you find learning Persian fits your schedule. If things look promising, you have to definitely join it. This allows you to become an active learner. You can also ask questions over there if you get stuck anywhere or you can help other learners with your approach. Start following this strategy to learn Persian fast.

So why not start learning Persian right away?

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