3 Creative Ways to Master Persian Speaking

Wasting time in boring Persian-speaking classes where you never get a chance to speak Persian? Spending all your days memorizing Persian grammar rules and word lists?

It is time for you to free yourself from old, inefficient methods of learning Persian. You can learn Persian speaking as an adult. Trust us. You just need to use creative, scientific methods to your Persian to the next level.

Here are 3 out of the box approaches to master Persian speaking fast.

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1. Do something in Persian every day. Persian Speaking is all about practice.

Have you ever heard of the saying practice makes perfect? This is especially true for things like learning Persian speaking, driving, or biking. You can only develop these skills through practice constantly.

Think of how you learn to drive a car. Do you learn by memorizing parts of a car or by watching videos of other drivers? No! You learn to drive a car by actually riding a car. The same concept applies to learning Persian speaking. You have to keep on doing things in Persian so that your brain gets used to thinking in Persian.

What are some things you can do in Persian to improve Persian speaking skills?

Watch videos where Persian is spoken by native speakers. Focus on improving your Persian listening, writing, vocabulary skills. Repeat what Native Persian speakers are saying, the way they are saying.
Listen to Persian audiobooks. There are a lot of free audiobooks you can listen to on the internet.
Find a Native Persian Teacher and practice Speaking Persian over Skype.

2. Don’t study Persian grammar till you are confident in speaking

Persian grammar is not so complicated.

If you want to improve your Persian speaking fast and become an advanced communicator in Persian, don’t study grammar.

Let me explain this further. Grammar is all about rules and thinking too much of these rules will make you anxious and scared to speak Persian. And without speaking, you can’t really be fluent in this language.

Think of how you learned your first language. Did you learn all the grammar rules of your language before actually speaking? No! You need to do the same thing about learning Persian speaking. Please focus on fluency till you become confident. Then you can fine-tune your Persian grammar.

This is why Spoken Persian Practice classes are fully conversational and get students to speak 80% of the time.

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3. Practice conversation is more important than corrections

How can you learn to speak Persian without actually speaking in Persian?

If you want to truly improve your Persian speaking pick a Native Persian teacher who acts more as a Conversation Partner. Someone who will choose a topic and have a conversation.

Most Persian learners are too shy to speak because they are worried about making mistakes. If your teacher is correcting you all the time, you will be scared to speak in Persian. The students are worried when they pronounce Persian words if it’s correct or incorrect. Also, they are afraid of making grammar mistakes.

Corrections are important but actually, a teacher should not correct a student every time a mistake is made. Instead, teachers should give corrections later, without interrupting the flow of the conversation. The more conversation practice you get, the better your Persian speaking will be

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