5 Easy Tips to Accelerate the Persian Learning Process

Despite the fact that we use language in every moment of our lives, actually, it is easy to forget how important a role language plays in our lives until we’re faced with the challenge of communicating with new people in a language other than our native language. If you’ve ever lived abroad in a country where you don’t speak the language then you can appreciate how key language is to not only achieving success but just simply surviving.

Unlike kids who benefit from leveraging both hemispheres of the brain when learning a new language, adult learners of a foreign language are limited to the left, logical hemisphere. This means that adult language learners need to play to their strengths when learning a new foreign language and approach the process as rationally and strategically as possible.

Here are 5 strategies that adult language learners can deliberately employ to accelerate the Persian learning process.

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1. Please memorize the expressions which empower you as a learner first

In fact, these are the tools on your language learning tool belt that you’ll use every day. At the very least, you need to be able to ask what something (words, idioms, …) means, how to say something and how to pronounce something.

2. Chunk your language learning

Memorizing structures, idioms, colloquialisms, and Persian expressions is a great way to develop proficiency quickly. Maybe it even makes you sound more proficient than you actually are. Furthermore, chunking allows you to acquire the Persian language in a context that you can re-arrange, re-purpose and build on.

3. Knowing your goal will help you map your path

If you take the time to define what is your goals in learning Persian, then you can plan your study accordingly. As you know, different goals will necessitate different courses of study. The path of a translator is not the same as someone who just wants to know enough Persian to travel around Iran.

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4. Listen to the Persian language as much as possible

Turn the music or movie on in the background whenever you’re at home. If you have a Persian textbook that came with audio tracks then listen to them over and over again wherever you go. We think, Choosing one audio track and listening to it thirty times is much better for your proficiency than choosing thirty audio tracks and listening to them just one time. If you listen to the same audio track so many times then it will help you learn new Persian vocabulary, and you have to imitate native pronunciation, and mimic correct intonation. Look up new Persian words every time you listen and by the thirtieth time, you’ll understand everything that is being said.

5. Create a study schedule and stick to it

You should discipline yourself so that no matter how busy your life gets you will always find time to continue your language lessons. If you never seem to be able to make the time, then you have to re-evaluate your goals. Get in the habit of studying Persian a little every day rather than a long time once a week. There is no doubt that the benefits of everyday exposure to the language far outweigh the advantages of intensive study once a week.

Important Tips:

1. Be patient

Please don’t let disappointment or despair take you! Rome wasn’t built in a day, so don’t expect to master a new foreign language in two weeks or even two months. You need to work on your goals, practice whenever you can, and be consistent. You will get there!

2. Practice, practice, practice

If you have always wondered what the secret is to learning Persian, the answer is so simple: practice. You should take every opportunity to speak, write, read, and listen. Remember that practice makes perfect.

3. See Persian as a tool, not as an obligation

Lastly, we want to share a little reflection: Persian should not be an obstacle, but a stepping stone. See learning Persian as the doorway to new opportunities and focus on the benefits of speaking Persian, not the difficulty of the process.

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