Top 5 dos and donts for learning Persian

We are often asked how can it be easier to learn Persian. Well, today we have prepared the top 5 of the Do’s and Don’ts of learning Persian.

In fact, learning a new language can be both difficult or easy depending on how you approach Persian language learning.

The main and important thing to remember in learning a language is to approach it positively. This is just like anything else that you want to learn and learning Persian should be no different.

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Here are the top 5 ways of improving the chances of learning a new language better.


Dont – Sit still when learning Persian

Although this may sound the opposite of what you may have been told at your school, the fact is those learners who are perhaps distracted or move around will learn more. In fact, your mind will take on board more as it has many things to do. Please remember, your mind and brain are fabulous tools, and the more exercise you give them the better they will become.

Don’t – study textbooks, grammar books, or Persian vocabulary books

The fact is that you will forget. Although you may be reading, without using these almost immediately they will slip to the back of your mind and you will forget them.

Don’t – sit or stand with a bad posture when learning Persian

In fact, doing so makes your body uncomfortable and your mind will focus on how uncomfortable you are rather than what you are learning.

Don’t – memorize Persian grammar rules

Generally, there are too many of them and the chances are when you try to recall the grammar rules you will get them muddled and confused.

Don’t – just learn Persian with your ears

Learning a language comes with 3 things, the eyes, ears, and mouth. Make it easier for yourself by watching how native Persian speakers speak, how they speak and repeating what they speak. Get yourself a Persian accent and you will find that Persian becomes easier than you expect.

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Do – move your body when learning Persian

As above the more activity you give your brain and body, the more exercise your brain gets and the more you learn.

Do – use gestures and movements to remember Persian words and phrases.

Your brain will put the movement and the word together to remember the Persian word or phrase. Actually, If you watch when people communicate they will communicate with words but also with movement. Persian learning is no different. Watch how native Persian speakers communicate with various words.

Do – focus on making small improvements every day with learning Persian

Nobody or very few people can learn a foreign language immediately. By learning a little every day you get the motivation to continue with your Persian language learning.

Do – repeat and often

Athletes practice and repeat their skills over and over. Learning a foreign language is no different. Practice and repeat new Persian words and phrases and put them into sentences that you will remember. Repeat these and often and you will find it becomes easier and easier.

Do – revise the previous Persian lesson before trying something new.

Just like sport, athletes must warm up. Learning Persian is the same. You must warm up your brain to think in Persian rather than your own native language. Revise your previous lesson again to get your brain warmed up to learn something new in Persian. you will find that you will remember more and the new Persian lesson will become easier.

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