Great Methods for Learning Persian

Great Methods for Learning Persian

Every student is different and what works well for one person may not work for another person.

But there are some general tips, and some steps you can follow to make learning Persian easier.

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1. Go to classes

Some people can learn Persian on their own with a book or a computer, but it takes a great deal of dedication, motivation, and a systematic approach.

Most learners learn faster, remember more, and have more fun in a class. It isn’t important where the class is, but your Persian learning will improve if you do it with other people.

2. Visit a Persian-speaking country

You will only really start learning the natural language people speak if you visit a country where Persian is spoken.

Of course, if you can go to classes in a Persian-speaking country, then this is even better!

Please look for language schools in the country you want to visit.

If this isn’t possible, then a holiday in a Persian-speaking country is great, but make sure you speak Persian while you are there!

3. Practice

This is the big one. It is probably the most important.

If you don’t practice Persian, you are unlikely to remember it.

Use new Persian words and grammar as soon as you can, and keep using them.

Set yourself challenges to speak Persian for a certain length of time each day, to use a certain number of new Persian words each day, or to listen to Persian TV, radio, or internet broadcasts each day.

This way you will improve more quickly.

YouTube Farsi Lessons:

4. Listen and read

Besides listening, read as much as you can in Persian.

We are not suggesting you start trying to read Hafez, but find a book you like, a magazine, a newspaper, or even a website, and read something new as often as you can.

Look up Persian words you don’t know, to increase your vocabulary. Try to guess them from the context. Your Persian dictionary may very well be your best friend 🙂

5. Don’t take the easy path

It is important that you repeat the things you learn so you don’t forget them. But it is also so important to try and learn new things.

If you have completed an intermediate class, please don’t do another class at the same level and push yourself to try a harder class.

Buy more difficult books. Try watching movies without English subtitles on.

In fact, All of these things will be difficult at first but because you are challenging yourself, you will learn more.

Why are you learning Persian?

These five steps will help you learn Persian, but the thing that will help you the most is to know why you are learning Persian.

If you have any reason to do something, it gives you motivation.

research has shown that motivation has the biggest influence on how well and how quickly students learn something!

So if you have a reason to learn, you will find learning Persian much easier than if you don’t have one.

So what is your reason?

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Read Enthusiastically
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