5 Simple and Inexpensive Ways to Learn Persian At Home

Nowadays it is possible to learn Persian at home and at this difficult time, it is a good idea to use your time to learn Persian and make a study plan and stick to it.

The first thing you need to do is to think about your own level of Persian and your strengths and weaknesses. Maybe you are good at listening but your speaking skills are not very good. Then you have to make a personalized study plan so that you practice your speaking skills more. Your Persian level depends on how much study and practice YOU do.

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5 ways to learn Persian at home 

There are so many things you can do to learn Persian at home. We have prepared a list of things you can do to improve your Persian.

1. Create some helpful study tools

First, write vocabulary or important Persian phrases on a piece of paper. You can use a post-it or a large poster for that. Now, place this magic list all over your house. Choose places where you spend a lot of time like: next to the coffee machine, above the stove, on the toilet, on your table, or on the door of your room. Whenever you are at one of these places, you will automatically see the list and also you will be surprised how well it works.

2. Read a Persian book

Reading in Persian is a great way to increase your vocabulary and improve your comprehension of Persian. You should always choose a short book to keep your interest and motivation because it is difficult and time-consuming to read a long book.

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3. Study regularly to improve your Persian

Everyone felt this situation: On some days, you have no interest and motivation for studying, while on other days, you can study vocabulary and grammar for hours. Actually, it is important to study regularly. Try to study Persian every day in shorter segments, but more often. For example, You could take one lesson and the exercises per day. Your Persian language skills will improve faster if you do just one hour every day, instead of four or five hours once a week.

4. Listen to the radio

Nowadays with the help of the Internet, you can listen to the radio from all around the world. You can find radio stations from all around the world and about whatever topic you like. This is good if you are traveling to Iran and you want to practice listening to the accent.

5. Use a marker and emphasize what’s most important

It makes sense to highlight the essential and important points in a study text. To highlight some phrases means to make a conscious decision on what is essential and which information is secondary. Furthermore, you will improve your memorizing performance. Actually, repeating what you have already learned will be much easier in the future and also increases the fun factor. The question is, who would not be pleased to generate faster learning effects? But please be careful, because the principle here is: Less is more! If the entire Persian text is colored, there will be no learning effect at all.

One of the best ways:

One of the best ways to learn Persian quickly is to use every opportunity to speak it. Become more confident and comfortable in your speaking skills by memorizing Persian idioms, and common sayings, and practicing short dialogues daily.

When communicating with native Persian speakers, be brave and ask them to correct your mistakes. Need someone to practice with? Find a language partner near you, or online, with language exchange sites and apps.

Lastly, please don’t forget to work on your writing skills. In fact, writing is secondary in learning a foreign language but absolutely necessary.

Keep a vocabulary journal and write in Persian. The important point is that you don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and put all the skills you’re learning into practice!


Now that you can answer the question, «what is the best way to learn Persian?» you’re ready to dive deeper into your studies. Everyone is capable of mastering a new foreign language, but these tips and tricks will help you learn more effectively and efficiently.

Once you’ve built up your Persian skills, you’ll be able to better appreciate the rich Persian culture.

If you’re a world traveler, you’ll also be able to explore the sights of Iran and its culture.

There is so much to do and see in Iran. Speaking in Persian will help you fully experience all that Iran has to offer, and meet all sorts of fascinating people along the way. With the right Persian tutor, you can achieve your full linguistic potential as fast as possible.

Start your Persian language journey today!

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