8 Easy Tips for Learning Persian Alphabet

A language’s alphabet is its building block. Trying to learn how to write in a new language without first learning its alphabet is a little like trying to build a brick house without touching the individual bricks! In order to learn how to read, write, pronounce the letters in the Farsi Alphabet or any other language follow these strategies.

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1. Break down the alphabet into small chunks

You can study a few letters at a time to make learning the Alphabet easy. There are some different ways:

One way is to start at the beginning of the alphabet and simply learn the first 4 or 5 letters. The next time you study, work on the next four or five letters until you’ve learned the whole Persian alphabet.

Another way is to break Persian letters down into groups based on their similarities or number of dots. This way, you can pay particular attention to distinguish the difference between the appearances of similar-looking Persian letters so that you don’t mistake them for each other. For example, in the Farsi language, these four letters have the same basic shapes and their only difference is their number of dots. ج چ ح خ

Another way to break up Persian letters into more manageable sets is to group similar letters together. For instance in learning the Farsi alphabet, you might choose to focus on the first four letters in one session. In the next session, you might work on non-connecting letters or on Persian letters that sound similar like ذ، ز، ض ، ظ or long vowels.

2. Set a goal to learn the letters in one week

Regardless of how you break the Persian letters into groups, focusing on just a few letters at a time. Every day focus on learning 4 or 5 letters and try to learn their sounds and recognize them based on their shapes.

3. Use techniques, tricks, and associations to learn letter shapes

A helpful way is to associate the Persian letters with images. For example, the Persian letter “Alef / آ” always reminds some people of a King. Since it’s the first letter of the Persian alphabet and carries a crown on top of its base, I regard it as the king of letters.

4. Make flashcards

For each Persian letter make a flashcard. You can write out the letters of the alphabet by hand and related words and the sounds that they represent and the letters’ names in English. Furthermore, making flashcards and writing down the letters help you to associate the letters you’re learning with the sounds they make and their related words. Once you’ve learned the whole Persian alphabet, write it down entirely as you say the letters aloud as many days as you need to master the letters. This is a great way to reinforce what you’ve learned and help you connect the written and spoken Persian letters.

YouTube Farsi Lessons:

5. Listen to the alphabet song

Learning the Persian alphabet through songs makes remembering the letters and the order easy. YouTube is a nice option for choosing your favorite songs.

6. Record yourself reciting the alphabet

Try to memorize Persian letters in small chunks and visualize the letters as you go through the alphabet and know the order of the letters. Read the alphabet out loud and record yourself reading the alphabet. When you listen to your recording you can hear the difference between your pronunciation and the Persian native speaker’s pronunciation. This will help you to correct your own pronunciation. You can use an Audacity or phone voice recorder for recording your voice.

7. Type the letters

Nowadays, we communicate with people through texts, e-mails, and social media or messages. Actually, typing a language is as important as writing the alphabet by hand for communicating with people. From day one, try to get familiar with the keyboard in the Persian language. You can type your name from the very first moment that you start learning the Persian alphabet. For example, in order to type your name in the Persian language, you need to add the Persian language to the list of languages on your computer keyboard and open “ Show keyboard viewer” to be able to see the location of letters on the keyboard. Then you need to look at the Farsi alphabet chart and find the letters in your name. The final step is to press those letters on the Persian keyboard and hit the space button. Furthermore, the keyboard is smart and takes care of connecting letters for you. It is as simple as that. Watch how to add more new languages to the keyboard and Give it a try!

8. Use Websites and Apps

There are plenty of websites and apps to learn the Persian alphabet of your choice.

If you are learning the Farsi alphabet, Learn Persian Online is an incredible choice to build knowledge of the Persian alphabet, language, and culture. Our YouTube channel has more than 5,000 Persian learning videos.

These are just a few examples. Find your favorite websites or apps to help you study the alphabet of the Persian language. Go give it a search!

What are your most favorite techniques, Apps, and websites for learning Farsi Alphabet? Please share with us and other Persian learners here by leaving a comment below.

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