Discover the best ways to learn Persian

Every language-learning strategy has its pros and cons.

But actually, there’s one thing all of them agree on: nothing beats immersion.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the means to drop everything, pack up their bags and move to Tehran

This is why we’ve listed 5 useful tips for those who want to learn Persian. Some of them are tricks you can incorporate into your learning process; also others will help you organize your time and create your own study plan of action.

Ready to get started? Let’s start!

Here are our 5 top tips to help you find the best way to learn Persian:

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1. Use your Persian knowledge base

Maybe already started learning Persian before. Maybe you know more than you think you do, and already know some Persian words

This is what we’ll call foundation. It can be the Persian months of the year, or, Persian numbers.

Whatever your Persian roots maybe, your pre-existing knowledge will form the pillars that will boost your skills and let your confidence in speaking Persian soar.

2. Avoid using textbooks and materials that you find boring

Motivation is vital when learning a language. Some learners fail to develop a love of Persian in class because they find the lessons and textbooks boring. Please don’t make this mistake again! You can use a wide variety of different materials and see what works best for you.

YouTube Farsi Lessons:

3. Bring Persian culture to you 

Sure, you say: I’d love nothing more than to immerse myself in Persian culture. But I live far from Iran, and nobody around me speaks Persian.

Worry not: there’s still a lot you can do to surround yourself with the Persian language, wherever you are in the world.

Watch Persian movies and series

Diving into the Seventh Art and watching Persian movies and series is one of the best ways to learn Persian away from your textbook.

And thanks to YouTube, the Internet, and…, it’s easier than ever to access foreign media online.

Listen to Persian music

Listening to Persian music has always been one of the best ways to learn Persian. You can also get more acquainted with Iranian culture by listening to Persian music.

But you find Persian songwriters, singers, or artists whose lyrics will help you learn the language.

Listen to Persian podcasts

The podcast trend is a global one, and there’s a good range of Persian podcasts to choose from. It’s a nice way to passively train your ear while you’re doing something else.

4. Make a list of interesting topics for discussion

To gain more fluent Persian you need to speak the language regularly with other people. This could be with native or non-native friends, relatives, members of a local Persian conversation club, other students at a group class, a Skype Persian tutor, etc.

5. Practice with Persian speakers

Once again, you might think it’s impossible if there are no Persian speakers near you. But actually, technology makes it easier than ever to do it online:

Do a language exchange

There are tons of them online (but actually, offline options are great, too). The idea is simple: find a Persian speaker who wants to learn English, and start chatting! You can arrange a session via Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, or any other communication tool.

6. Don’t forget why you started

In our digital age, we have access to tons of ways to learn a foreign language.

Online tools, resources, articles, apps, methods, textbooks, and others are all available in a few clicks or taps on our mobiles which is both amazing and overwhelming at the same time.

And while many Persian learners just starting out believe that multiplying learning methods increases their skillset, the exact opposite tends to be true: focusing on one method or strategy that works is better than juggling between a dozen that only half work.

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