Speak Persian without Learning Grammar

In this modern world of continuous development of human being existence, only those people who have the abilities to adapt to the changes and the ability to deal with other people, live a premium life. One of the most important abilities to deal with people of the world is knowing two languages.

some people join Persian speaking classes but don’t find much change in their fluency.
Now, the question is, “Why after so much effort in classes there is no much improvement seen?” If you see the efforts of people trying to learn to speak Persian, it’s directed towards learning Persian through grammar. They hardly remember any of the grammar aspects as it was boring and definitely no fun.

The second question is “Is it really required to learn grammar first and only then, you can speak Persian well?” The answer is “NO”. Now, if you go to Iran and ask someone if he knows anything about adjectives, he would definitely say “Not exactly”, but he has been using it since his childhood. Consider your own language, were you, in the beginning, taught grammar by your parents and then the language? We have been speaking our own language since our childhood unaware of its grammar. You can speak fluent Persian without learning boring grammar.

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Now, the question is “How to speak fluent Persian without learning grammar?”

You see today’s generation they are prone to technologies, fun activities, watching movies, listening to music, and of course, they actually don’t want to have any boring classes. What if these interests of youth are being used to improve their Persian fluency?

1. Listen & learn

You learn the Persian language when you are surrounded by it completely for days because you listen to that language again and again and memorize it naturally. Similarly, make an artificial environment of the Persian language around you by using Podcasts on your cell phones and audio clips of good Persian content. Keep listening to the podcast while traveling, walking, at break times, and spare time. Persian podcasts would help you in two ways, that is, if you repeat continuously what you listen, you would have a good muscle work of your mouth to adopt the accent, and second a good knowledge about the content. There are many Persian audiobooks available which you can use to develop your language. Similarly, if you are a song lover, you can listen to Persian songs and try to gain the words and their meanings.

2. Watch & learn

People love watching movies and children like to watch cartoons and animation. So, watch movies, cartoons, and animation available with the subheadings. Seeing the subheadings and actions in the films will make you understand what conversations are happening and also can learn the accent used in it. You will not only feel bored but also you will gain interest in watching and learning. Watching will also help you to understand the Persian expressions and way of speaking.

3. Conversational Transcript

There are several conversational transcripts you can easily surf that are available with audio clips. This would help you in pronouncing the Persian words correctly and with a proper accent by observing and listening to the words in the script. In fact, this will help you in understanding and developing skills to have proper conversations with different people.

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4. Write & learn

Now it is very obvious that you will not understand the meaning of all the Persian words you listen to or read. So maintain a notebook and note down unfamiliar Persian words with their meaning and a complete phrase through which you could know about the word. You can use applications on your mobile rather than finding them manually to reduce your time consumption. This would help you to memorize the meaning of the Persian word. Try to use those words in your daily conversation so that you become used to those Persian words and can use them appropriately. Sometimes it happens that you don’t understand the meanings too. For that, find the meaning of the meaning, this would help to understand the Persian words more clearly.

5. Learn Slangs, Idioms & Phrases

Implementing the above techniques will also teach you the slang language that is being used in Persian. Idioms and phrases would improve your way of speaking Persian in impressive ways. Slangs, Idioms & Phrases are generally used in conversations to make them effective and appreciative. Actually, if you have all these in your language then you will get highlighted automatically in any group getting more importance.

6. Word Hungry Method

In fact, this is a method used when you purchase something. For example, suppose you have bought a new toothpaste which has detailed packing. Now look for the new words printed on the box that you are unfamiliar with and try to find the meaning of those Persian words. This would help you to know some technical Persian words which you may not come across frequently. So now you have gained technical Persian words which would help you to understand the basic terminologies used by corporate and company people.

7. No translation of meanings

We have this habit of translating the meaning of the words in our familiar language other than Persian. This leads to complete breakage of our communication flow as we don’t perceive anything in Persian which is a very big drawback. Some people translate meaning even into their own language which is totally wrong. Translate the meaning of the words in Persian, only to have the Persian environment stable.

Doing all these activities will surely give you results in developing your Persian fluency. You will feel very interesting in learning Persian without having boring grammar. You can use your technologies effectively to improve your standard of speaking Persian. Hope readers would implement these tips and will improve their Persian fluency.

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