How to Stay Consistent While Learning the Persian Language

Learning a new foreign language can be a true challenge for anyone. If you only speak your native language, you might come to find that learning a language different from English can be demanding, as there are many languages with different grammar rules and hard to pronounce words.

No matter how difficult a foreign language might seem though, there are always ways to keep up the work you put into it and also manage to memorize everything you have learned. Consistency is very important if you wish to become fluent in the Persian language and you will have to keep trying in order to see some good results.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you stay consistent and learn the Persian language quickly and effortlessly.

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1. Set your study goals

The most important and essential thing about being consistent is starting slow and then working your way up towards harder and more difficult goals. Just like with everything else, learning a new foreign language should be viewed as a fun experience that will help you start from something easy and basic so you can reach a greater result, which will eventually be speaking that language fluently.

The goals you set should be manageable, achievable, and easy to maintain based on your daily life. Even if you feel like they are not large enough, you have to remember that even slow progress is still helping you move forward and learn more things.

2. Create a schedule for studying

After setting your study goals, you need to start implementing them. The best way to achieve that is by creating a learning schedule, which will help you keep track of the hours you study during the week and the things you will need to learn on a daily basis.

This will be extremely helpful, especially if you are learning the Persian language by yourself through online courses. When you don’t have someone to teach you Persian and keep you on track, it can be a lot harder to concentrate and get everything done on time. This is why a schedule will truly help you keep track of your learning and allow you to be more efficient with your time.

3. Practice on a daily basis

Even if you don’t learn something new every day, you should still practice what you learned. Thanks to the internet, there are different ways for you to achieve that.

On top of that, you can also come in contact with a Persian speaker who is trying to learn your language, just as you are trying to learn theirs. Actually, this will help both of you practice in both languages through either texting or video call and you will be able to learn a lot of new things about their country’s culture and traditions too.

Having someone to speak with over the internet will create expectations on your side and you will need to talk to them regularly as you will not only be practicing Persian but also you will be making a new friend. Truly, this will help you stay consistent and keep up the good work.

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4. Build a habit

Even if you don’t feel like it so much, try to do a little bit of something every day, until it becomes a habit in your daily life. Lack of motivation can easily extend for days and weeks and put you right where you started in no time.

5. Diversify

Try to find a lot of different things that you can do in the language, such as: reading books, watching movies, talking to people, writing articles, translating, read about your interest in the Persian language. Have a list of these things posted on your desk where you can see them or on your mobile so that when you don’t know what to do or don’t like learning in that time, you’ll have things to choose from.

6. Practice describing one topic only

Whether talking to someone or talking to yourself, please try to practice describing only one topic, and don’t drift away in your conversation. It might seem easy, but since you are limited in the Persian language it is actually a very challenging thing to do. You should try to stick to one topic for as long as you can. An especially difficult thing to do is to describe the rules instructions of complicated games.

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