The top 5 free ways to learn Persian

It’s always a great idea to learn how to speak Persian when you live in Iran because it will open many doors for you.

Of course, there is one disadvantage… it takes time and effort. With these 5 handy tips, you will learn Persian much faster!

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1. Understand what you are trying to learn 

For most learners, learning means that you look at a certain text in a book that you don’t understand and then you try to memorize it. It has only one problem, you can never learn fast in this way.

If you would like to learn a new foreign language fast, then start with all the simple things first. It is also good to know that the order in which you learn is very important and necessary. Actually, if one step logically leads to the next step, you’ll learn like crazy. The structure can really make a big difference.

2. Deciding what your main purpose of studying Persian is

Before you start learning Persian (or any other language), you should ask yourself a simple question: why do I want to learn this language? You might want to learn Persian for pleasure, academic and travel purposes, work, communication, culture, religion, food, etc. Once you know that, you can decide on which language ability you must focus on, speaking, reading, writing, listening, or maybe grammar.

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3. Practice as much as you can

If you are learning Persian, then practice as much as you can. Don’t worry about making mistakes when you try to put Persian skills to the test in a shop or a restaurant. Even the biggest “failures” will accelerate your learning process.

The great thing is this; if you use it in real-life situations, your brain will understand that speaking Persian is for real. All of a sudden, everything that you were trying to learn, becomes more and more relevant! You’ll always learn faster once you realize that what you are learning is really relevant to your real life.

4. Create a language learning environment

It’s a great way to learn Persian in a quick amount of time for those who are visual. You can place different Persian words all over your room so your eyes get acquainted with Persian.

5. Enjoy it and never give up

The longer you learn, the better results you can see so the last thing you can do is not to give up. There is always a way to improve your Persian speaking, writing, or grammar by studying more often or longer. Ask for help, please try to find your way to enjoy your study, and keep practicing! This feeling when you understand someone speaks the language you have been studying for weeks is beautiful and priceless!

Useful Tips:

1. Combine Persian with technology

if you really want to be consistent with your language learning and progress, you can switch your phone to the Persian language, your Instagram account, internet, laptop, etc. You are now giving your brain an opportunity to learn Persian at every opportunity, and because most of us spend some hours on our devices (mobile, laptop, …), this is a fool-proof way to spend more time learning the language you like.

2. Please remind yourself that progress is progress no matter how slow

this may be your first time learning Persian online, and you may feel overwhelmed, but over time, you can feel how much you progressed. You may think that you have made little progress since you started learning Persian, but the important thing is that you have made progress and it doesn’t matter how much it has been. Remembering why you started learning Persian will always keep you motivated, and with passionate teachers, an excellent course curriculum, and great support, we believe that you will progress towards your goals daily.

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