The 10 Most Powerful Ways to Improve Your Persian

You’re reading this because you want to learn Persian.

We imagine that you have limited time during the day to do this, right?

Well, the good news is that you’re about to learn the 10 most effective ways to learn Persian so you can improve your Persian fast. And you can learn this language from anywhere in the world!

Watch the lessons, read the articles, and start implementing these learning strategies and techniques today:

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10 Ways

1: The Persian Fluency Reading Method

This method will help you get input and will help you learn new words and Persian phrases.

This method solves the problem between intensive and extensive reading. Intensive reading is where you read Persian with a focus on the language. Extensive reading is where you read Persian to enjoy the book.

Here is the method that gives you the best of both worlds. please read carefully:

  • Read a chapter at a time
  • Highlight Persian words that you don’t understand – but don’t stop reading
  • Once you complete a chapter, go back and look up the Persian highlighted words
  • Enter the sentences that contain these new Persian words into spaced-repetition software
  • Go back and read that book again once you have done all this

2: Always Be Listening

Just like reading, there are two ways to listen to Persian:

  1. Please completely focus on what you’re listening to
  2. Listen while doing other things such as walking in the street

While we suggest making time for focused listening, listening while doing other things is a fantastic way to do more in Persian.

Find your favorite podcasts, YouTube videos, and listen while walking, commuting, working out, playing, etc.

Listen to Persian when you go for a run

You will learn subconsciously and have moments when you can focus on this language.

This will help you get used to the sounds of Persian and the way people talk.

Here’s more on how to improve your listening.

3: Copy How Native Persian Speakers Speak

You’re told not to copy others in the school. right?

But when it comes to learning Persian, we want you to copy Persian speakers. Here’s how:

  1. Find sentences of Persian with audio
  2. Listen to the audio
  3. Repeat after the Persian speaker and record your own version
  4. Compare your pronunciation with the original pronunciation and make a change

This is how you’re going to dramatically improve your accuracy when speaking Persian. You’re also going to improve your listening, your Persian vocabulary, and your grammar.

This is the most powerful method that we know of.

4: Use different Flashcards to Get the Repetition You Need

Once you have mastered a Persian phrase, get repetition.
Repetition is key. This is how you’re going to internalize correct Persian. This is how you’re going to speak Persian without thinking or translating.
Please repeat the sentence 2-3 times today. Then again tomorrow. Then 4 days, 8 days, 16, etc.
Well, this is the most effective way to get the repetition you need.

5: Shadow Persian Speakers

This method works on accuracy and fluency. Shadowing has more of a focus on fluency.

This method:

  1. You find audio in Persian – like a podcast or a Ted Talk
  2. You repeat what you hear without pausing the Persian audio
  3. Optional: you can walk while doing this

It’s important to avoid mumbling. Find audio that is easy to follow so that you can work on your fluency well.

Our courses:

6: Use This wonderful book to Improve Your Grammar

usually, learners don’t practice their writing enough.
Doing it right means that you are going to get some natural practice and get feedback from the mistakes you make in writing.
Also, you can use “Farsi Grammar in Use” to have better learning.

7: Do What You Do Now… But in Persian!

This is how you can immerse yourself in Persian no matter where you live.
This is quite simple. Do what you do now but do it in Persian. If you are researching a new camera to buy, do that in Persian.
If you want to read about the history of Iran, do it in Persian.
Watch TV in Persian. Turn the language of your devices into Persian. Listen to Persian music.
This gives you the input you need.

8: Find Natural Persian Speaking Practice

This is where you put everything you have learned together and get to speak Persian.

Do this by:

  1. Paying a Persian teacher
  2. Find a Persian language exchange partner
  3. Making Persian-speaking friends

Find time to do this at least once or twice per week.

It makes learning Persian real and will help you improve your speaking and listening.

9: Focus on the type of Persian You Need to Learn

It’s important to focus on two things:

  1. Frequently used everyday Persian phrases
  2. Persian vocabulary that you are going to use

For example, if you are a merchant and you have economic trade with Iranians, then learn the phrases you need to know for this job.

Or if you give presentations to Persian speakers on economic policy, learn phrases related to this.

People also speak about what they’re interested in. If you like football, learn Persian phrases related to football.

10: Set a Goal

What does having a goal mean?
Having a goal means that you have something good to aim for. It means that you can create a great plan of action that will move you towards this goal.

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