Top 15 tips to remember Persian words

Hey Persian learner!

Certainly you, like other Persian learners, want to know how to memorize Persian words.

In your journey to becoming fluent and conversational in less time than is needed to say “Gotta catch ’em all”, this time we will give you the Top 15 tips to remember Persian words!

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Top 15 tips

1- Use repetition: reading, writing, and speaking Persian words over and over again.

2- Associate Persian words with drawings, pictures, and funny scenes.

3- Try to use the Persian language routinely in the context of daily life.

4- Reading as much as possible, especially the newspaper, helps you to remember Persian words.

5- Learn about the roots of Persian words and how different words are related to each other.

6- Speak as often as possible with native Persian speakers on social media.

7- Categorize new Persian words with other related words that you already know.

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8- Please be persistent in practicing every day by talking to your family or your cat, even though they don’t understand you.

9- Say Persian words out loud so that you can actually hear them.

10- Associate new Persian words with words that sound similar in your native language.

11- You can listen to Iranian songs and memorize the lyrics.

12- Often watch movies, cartoons, or YouTube videos that are designed for young children.

13- Associate new Persian words with stories, games, or movies.

14- Try to use the new Persian word in a simple sentence so you learn whole phrases, not just individual words.

15- Try to think in Farsi, so it becomes natural to your thought process.

If you follow all these tips, you will be a step closer to reach your goal.

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