CHAPTER IX. ON PENITENCE. سر آغاز باب نهم در توبه و راه صواب

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

Oh come thou, whose age has to seventy crept!
Perhaps, since it went to the winds, you have slept.
With provision for living your time you employed;
Not a thought about dying your conscience annoyed.
بیا ای که عمرت به هفتاد رفت
مگر خفته بودی که بر باد رفت؟
همه برگ بودن همی ساختی
به تدبیر رفتن نپرداختی
At the Judgment, when Paradise’ Market proceeds,
They will stations assign in accordance with deeds.
As much stock as you bring you will bear from this place,
And if you have naught you will carry disgrace.
قیامت که بازار مینو نهند
منازل به اعمال نیکو دهند
بضاعت به چندان که آری بری
وگر مفلسی شرمساری بری
For the better the market is stocked, you will see
That the heart of the pauper more wretched will be.
If two score and ten dtrems by five are reduced,
A wound in your heart by Griefs nails is produced.
که بازار چندان که آگندهتر
تهیدست را دل پراگندهتر
ز پنجه درم پنج اگر کم شود
دلت ریش سرپنجه غم شود
When two score and ten years shall have over you passed,
Consider a boon the “five days ” that still last!
If a tongue had been left to the poor, helpless dead,
Lamenting and weeping he thus would have said:
چو پنجاه سالت برون شد ز دست
غنیمت شمر پنج روزی که هست
اگر مرده مسکین زبان داشتی
به فریاد و زاری فغان داشتی
” Oh living! since power of speech in you shows,
Like the dead on God’s mention your lips do not close!
Since our opportunity passed in neglect,
You should look upon this as your time to reflect! “
که ای زنده چون هست امکان گفت
لب از ذکر چون مرده بر هم مخفت
چو ما را به غفلت بشد روزگار
تو باری دمی چند فرصت شمار


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