Remarks on Viewing the Works off God, the Most High. گفتار اندر گزاردن شکر نعمتها

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

For your comfort, the night and the day were begun,
The moon shining bright and the world-warming sun.
Like a spreader of carpets, the sky overhead,
Commands Beauty’s carpet for you to be spread.
شب از بهر آسایش تست و روز
مه روشن و مهر گیتی فروز
اگر باد و برف است و باران و میغ
وگر رعد چوگان زند، برق تیغ
If you’ve clouds and the rain and the wind and the snow
The roaring of thunder and lightning’s bright glow;
To be workers obedient to orders they’re found,
For they bring up the seed that you sow in the ground.
همه کارداران فرمانبرند
که تخم تو در خاک میپرورند
اگر تشنه مانی ز سختی مجوش
که سقای ابر آبت آرد به دوش
At the hardship don’t burn, should you thirsty remain!
For the pluvial cloud on its shoulder brings rain.
Food, perfume, and colour He brought from the Earth, —
The palate, the brain, and the eye’s source of mirth.
صبا هم ز بهر تو فراش وار
همی گستراند بساط بهار
ز خاک آورد رنگ و بوی و طعام
تماشاگه دیده و مغز و کام
From the bee you have honey,’ and manna from wind,
Ripe dates from the palms, palms from seeds of their kind.
All the gardeners gnaw at their hands in surprise,
For a date-tree like this none has caused to arise.
عسل دادت از نحل و من از هوا
رطب دادت از نخل و نخل از نوی
همه نخلبندان بخایند دست
ز حیرت که نخلی چنین کس نبست
Sun and moon are for you, and the Pleiades, far,
The lamps of the roof of your residence are.
From thorns He brought roses and musk from the pod;
Pure gold from the mine, and moist leaves from a rod.
خور و ماه و پروین برای تواند
قنادیل سقف سرای تواند
ز خارت گل آورد و از نافه مشک
زر از کان و برگ تر از چوب خشک
Your eyebrows and eyes with His own hand He penned;
For to strangers he could not relinquish his friend.
So powerful! he nurtures that delicate one;
With various bounties the work is thus done.
به دست خودت چشم و ابرو نگاشت
که محرم به اغیار نتوان گذاشت
توانا که او نازنین پرورد
به الوان نعمت چنین پرورد
From the soul ev’ry morning let praises be shown!
For to render Him thanks is not tongue-work alone.
Oh God! my heart bleeds, and my eyes become sore,
For I find that Thy gifts than my praises are more.
به جان گفت باید نفس بر نفس
که شکرش نه کار زبان است و بس
خدایا دلم خون شد و دیده ریش
که میبینم انعامت از گفت بیش
Not beasts, ants and fishes alone, I can tell,
But the army of angels in Heaven, as well,
As yet but a part of Thy praises have told;
But one, they have stated, in one hundredfold. 
نگویم دد و دام و مور و سمک
که فوج ملایک بر اوج فلک
هنوزت سپاس اندکی گفتهاند
ز بیور هزاران یکی گفتهاند
Go! oh Sddty your hand and your record wash clean!
Do not run on a road where no ending is seen!
برو سعدیا دست و دفتر بشوی
به راهی که پایان ندارد مپوی


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