Story about jamshed حکایت در مورد جمشد

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

I have heard that fanshed? whose good nature was known,
On the head of a fountain inscribed with a stone: —
شنیدم که جمشید فرخ سرشت
به سرچشمهای بر به سنگی نبشت
“At this fountain great numbers, like us, have drawn breath,
Who, within an eye’s twinkle, have tasted of death.
بر این چشمه چون ما بسی دم زدند
برفتند چون چشم بر هم زدند
I have conquered a world by my manhood and strength;
And yet, to the grave cannot bear it at length.”
گرفتیم عالم به مردی و زور
ولیکن نبردیم با خود به گور
When over a foe you can pow’r exercise,
Do not gall him ! the sorrow for him should suffice.
چو بر دشمنی باشدت دسترس
مرنجانش کو را همین غصه بس
A living foe near you, whose mind is a wreck,
Is better by far, than his blood on your neck.
عدو زنده سرگشته پیرامنت
به از خون او کشته در گردنت


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