Story OF A CHILD WHO KEPT A FAST حکایت بچه روزه دار

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

I have heard that a tender aged child kept a fast;
With toil he held out till the morning repast.
شنیدم که نابالغی روزه داشت
به صد محنت آورد روزی به چاشت
The teacher removed him from school the same day,
For it seemed to him grand that an infant should pray.
به کتابش آن روز سائق نبرد
بزرگ آمدش طاعت از طفل خرد
H is papa kissed his eyes and his mother his head;
And over him, almonds and money they shed.
پدر دیده بوسید و مادر سرش
فشاندند بادام و زر بر سرش
When half of the day in this manner had passed,
In his stomach the hot hunger pangs raised a blast.’
چو بر وی گذر کرد یک نیمه روز
فتاد اندر او ز آتش معده سوز
He said in his heart, ” If some morsels I chew,
My parents won’t know what in secret I do.”
بدل گفت اگر لقمه چندی خورم
چه داند پدر غیب یا مادرم؟
As the boy for his father and tribe conscience showed,
He feasted in private and fasted abroad.
چو روی پسر در پدر بود و قوم
نهان خورد و پیدا بسر برد صوم
Who knows that communion with God you don’t share,
When without an ablution you stand to say pray’r?
که داند چو در بند حق نیستی
اگر بی وضو در نماز ایستی؟
The old man is more foolish than that child can be,
Who engages in worship, for people to see. 
پس این پیر ازان طفل نادان ترست
که از بهر مردم به طاعت درست
That pray’r is the key of the portal of hell,
Over which in men’s presence a long time you dwell.
کلید در دوزخ است آن نماز
که در چشم مردم گزاری دراز
If your path does not lead to the Maker alone,
Your carpet for pray’r into Hell will be thrown!
اگر جز به حق میرود جادهات
در آتش فشانند سجادهات


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