Story OF a drunken harvest-burner حکایت مست خرمن سوز

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

In the month of July, some one garnered his grain;
And cast further care for it out of his brain.
He got drunk, and a fire he enkindled, one night;
The unfortunate fool burned his harvest up quite.
یکی غله مرداد مه توده کرد
ز تیمار دی خاطر آسوده کرد
شبی مست شد و آتشی برفروخت
نگون بخت کالیوه، خرمن بسوخت
Next day, as a gleaner, his time he employed;
For a grain was not left of his harvest, destroyed.
When they saw the poor man much afflicted in head,
A man to the son of his bosom, thus, said:
دگر روز در خوشه چینی نشست
که یک روز جوز خرمن نماندش به دست
چو سرگشته دیدند درویش را
یکی گفت پرورده خویش را
“If you wish not, like him, to misfortune to turn,
Your harvest, through madness, take care not to burn! “
If your life from your hand has in wickedness flown,
You are he who a light on his harvest has thrown.
نخواهی که باشی چنین تیره روز
به دیوانگی خرمن خود مسوز
گر از دست شد عمرت اندر بدی
تو آنی که در خرمن آتش زدی
To gather a harvest by gleaning’s a shame,
After giving the harvest you reaped to the flame.
On the seed of the faith, oh, my life, do not trade!
Do not cast to the wind the good name you have made!.
فضیحت بود خوشه اندوختن
پس از خرمن خویشتن سوختن
مکن جان من، تخم دین ورز و داد
مده خرمن نیک نامی به باد
When a luckless man falls into bondage, through fate;
The fortunate men take a hint from his state.
Ere Punishment reaches you, knock Pardon’s door!
For under the rod it is useless to roar.
چو برگشته بختی در افتد به بند
از او نیکبختان بگیرند پند
تو پیش از عقوبت در عفو کوب
که سودی ندارد فغان زیر چوب
Raise your head from the collar of negligence! lest,
To-morrow, some shame should remain in your breast.
برآر از گریبان غفلت سرت
که فردا نماند خجل در برت


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