Story OF A KING AND THE BEGGAR داستان پادشاه و گدا

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

A king of Irak with the news was supplied,
That under his palace a mendicant cried :
  خبر یافت گردن‌کشی در عراق
که می‌گفت مسکینی از زیر طاق
” You, too, at a door sit with hope in your eyes ;
Hence, the hope of the poor at your door, realize !
تو هم بر دری هستی امیدوار
پس امید بر در نشینان برآر
The afflicted in heart, from their bondage relieve !
That your own heart may never have reason to grieve.
نخواهی که باشد دلت دردمند
دل دردمندان برآور ز بند
The implorer for justice, heart-broken from grief,
By the state of the provinces measures the chief.
 پریشانی خاطر دادخواه
براندازد از مملکت پادشاه
You have slept cool at noon in your private retreat”;
To the poor out of door say, ‘ Be burned in the heat !’
تو خفته خنک در حرم نیمروز
غریب از برون گو به گرما بسوز
The Lord for that person will justice obtain,
Who has justice implored from the monarch in vain.”
ستاننده داد آن کس خداست
که نتواند از پادشه دادخواست


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