Story of Hatim’s Daughter in the Time of the Prophet (ON HIM BE SAFETY!) حکایت دختر حاتم در روزگار پیغمبر

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

I have heard that the Tat, in the Prophet’s own time.,
Refused to receive the religion sublime.
His enlight’ning and threatening army he sent,
And captured a number who would not repent.
  شنیدم که طی در زمان رسول
نکردند منشور ایمان قبول
فرستاد لشکر بشیر نذیر
گرفتند از ایشان گروهی اسیر
He ordered them all to be put to the sword;
For reverence they lacked and their faith was abhorred
“I’m a daughter of Hatim” a woman exclaimed,
“They request my release from this governor famed.  
بفرمود کشتن به شمشیر کین
که ناپاک بودند و ناپاکدین
زنی گفت من دختر حاتمم
بخواهید از این نامور حاکمم
Oh revered one! have mercy upon me, I pray!
For my father was gen’rous enough, in his day”!
Obeying the pure-minded Prophet’s commands,
They severed the chains from her feet and her hands.
کرم کن به جای من ای محترم
که مولای من بود از اهل کرم
به فرمان پیغمبر نیک رای
گشادند زنجیرش از دست و پا
They put all the rest of the tribe to the sword
And a torrent of blood, without pity, outpoured.
در آن قوم باقی نهادند تیغ
که رانند سیلاب خون بی دریغ
To a soldier, the woman in agony said

“As you’ve done to the others, cut off, too, my head!
For I feel it ungen’rous, that I should be loose
By myself, and my friends all confined in the noose “.
بزاری به شمشیر زن گفت زن
مرا نیز با جمله گردن بزن
مروت نبینم رهایی ز بند
به تنها و یارانم اندر کمند
To the brothers of Tai she was speaking through tears ,When the sound of her voice reached the “prophet’s “sharp ears.
He gave her the tribe and some presents of note;
“A pure nature,” he said, ” will not error promote “.
همی گفت و گریان بر اخوان طی
به سمع رسول آمد آواز وی
ببخشیدش آن قوم و دیگر عطا
که هرگز نکرد اصل و گوهر خطا  


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