Story of the covetous man and his son حکایت مرد طماع و پسرش

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

I have heard that a person of covetous sight,
Went to Kharazam’s king at the first dawn of light.
When his son had observed that in paying respect,
He bowed, kissed the ground and again stood erect;
یکی پر طمع پیش خوارزمشاه
شنیدم که شد بامدادی پگاه
چو دیدش به خدمت دوتا گشت و راست
دگر روی بر خاک مالید و خاست
He said, “Oh magnanimous father, give ear!
I’ve a difficult question for you to make clear.
You have stated that Mecca’s your worshipping place;,
Why in praying, to-day, turned you elsewhere your face? “
پسر گفتش ای بابک نامجوی
یکی مشکلت میبپرسم بگوی
نگفتی که قبلهست راه حجاز
چرا کردی امروز از این سو نماز؟
Your spirit, lust-worshipping, do not obey!
For each hour, at a different shrine it will pray.
مبر طاعت نفس شهوت پرست
که هر ساعتش قبله دیگرست
On its order, oh brother, extend not a hand!
He was rescued, who did not obey its command.
Oh wise man! by contentment the head is raised high;
The head, full of greed, on the shoulder must lie!
قناعت سرافرازد ای مرد هوش
سر پر طمع بر نیاید ز دوش
The fair fame of honour is scattered by greed;
A skirt ful of pearls strewn for two grains of seed!
When you wish your thirst quenched at a rivulet nice,
Why squander your fame for the sake of some ice?
طمع آبروی توقر بریخت
برای دو جو دامنی در بریخت
چو سیراب خواهی شدن ز آب جوی
چرا ریزی از بهر برف آبروی؟
Perhaps you are pleased with your comforts in store!
If not, you must travel from door unto door!
مگر از تنعم شکیبا شوی
وگرنه ضرورت به درها شوی
Go, sir! make the base hand of avarice short!
What occasion have you in long sleeves to disport?
برو خواجه کوتاه کن دست آز
چه میبایدت ز آستین دراز؟
He whose record of av’rice is folded from sight,
To no one, “Your slave!” or “Your servant!” should write.
کسی را که درج طمع درنوشت
نباید به کس عبد و خادم نبشت
Out of ev’ry assembly by greed you are turned;
Drive it out of yourself, that you may not be spurned!
توقع براند ز هر مجلست
بران از خودش تا نراند کست


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