Story OF THE GOOD MAN AND HIS HOUSE حکایت صاحبدل نیکمرد

Story OF THE GOOD MAN AND HIS HOUSE حکایت صاحبدل نیکمرد

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

I have heard that a man who was good and upright,
For himself built a dwelling becoming his height.
شنیدم که صاحبدلی نیکمرد
یکی خانه بر قامت خویش کرد
Some one said, “I’m aware that with means you’re supplied
To build a house statelier.” ” Stop! “he replied;
کسی گفت میدانمت دسترس
کزاین خانه بهتر کنی، گفت بس
“What desire for arched ceilings comes into my mind?
This same is sufficient, for leaving behind.”
چه میخواهم از طارم افراشتن؟
همینم بس از بهر بگذاشتن
In the way of a flood, oh youth, build not a seat!
For to no one was such a house ever complete.
مکن خانه بر راه سیل، ای غلام
که کس را نگشت این عمارت تمام
It’s against sense and reason and knowledge of God,
That a traveler should build up an inn on the road.
نه از معرفت باشد و عقل و رای
که بر ره کند کاروانی سرای


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