Story of the kind poor man and the debtor حکایت کرم مردان صاحبدل

Story of the kind poor man and the debtor حکایت کرم مردان صاحبدل

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

A man had no pow’r, but was gen’rous inclined;
His means did not equal his liberal mind.
May a miser the owner of wealth never be!
May a generous man never poverty see  
  یکی را کرم بود و قوت نبود
کفافش بقدر مروت نبود
که سفله خداوند هستی مباد
جوانمرد را تنگدستی مباد
The person whose spirit soars lofty and loose,
Will find that his projects fall short of his noose.
Like the wild, rushing flood, in a mountainous place,
Which, while on high ground, cannot stop its mad pace.
کسی را که همت بلند اوفتد
مرادش کم اندر کمند اوفتد
چو سیلاب ریزان که در کوهسار
نگیرد همی بر بلندی قرار
He was gen’rous beyond what his means would allow
And, thus, his resources were shallow enow.
One poverty-stricken, a note to him sent —:
“Oh thou happy of end, and of nature content!
نه در خورد سرمایه کردی کرم
تنک مایه بودی از این لاجرم
برش تنگدستی دو حرفی نبشت
که ای خوب فرجام نیکو سرشت
Assist me with so many direms, pray!
For I’ve .lain in a dungeon for many a day “.
He could not the value of anything see
And yet, in his hand not a copper had he.
یکی دست گیرم به چندی درم
که چندی است تا من به زندان درم
به چشم اندرش قدر چیزی نبود
ولیکن به دستش پشیزی نبود
To the foes of the debtor a person he sent,
Saying, ” Men of good name who are free, oh, relent!
به خصمان بندی فرستاد مرد
که ای نیک نامان آزاد مرد
Permit that he may for a short time be free!
And if he runs off, I’ll security be “.
Prom thence to the dungeon he went, and said, “Rise!
And run from this city, while strength in you lies”!  
بدارید چندی کف از دامنش
و گر میگریزد ضمان بر منش
وزان جا به زندانی آمد که خیز
وز این شهر تا پای داری گریز
When. an open cage door met the poor sparrow’s view,
For a moment, thereafter, no patience he knew.
Like the breeze of the morning, he fled from that place,
Not a flight that the wind with his dust could keep pace.
چو گنجشک در باز دید از قفس
قرارش نماند اندر او یک نفس
چو باد صبا زان میان سیر کرد
نه سیری که بادش رسیدی به گرد  
They instantly seized on the generous man,
Saying, “Bring forth the debtor or coin, if you can
Like the helpless, the road to the jail he was brought;
For a bird that has flown from its cage can’t be caught  
گرفتند حالی جوانمرد را
که حاصل کن این سیم یا مرد را
به بیچارگی راه زندان گرفت
که مرغ از قفس رفته نتوان گرفت  
For a time, I have heard, in confinement he lay;
He wrote not a line, nor for help did he pray.
He was restless by day, from his nights slumber fled;
A holy man passed him, and thus to him said:
شنیدم که در حبس چندی بماند
نه شکوت نبشت و نه فریاد خواند
زمانها نیاسود و شبها نخفت
بر او پارسایی گذر کرد و گفت:
“You don’t seem to have lived on the substance of men;
“What has happened, that you are a prisoner, then”?
“Oh spirit auspicious! ” he said, ” you are right J
No one’s wealth have I eaten by baseness or sleight.
نپندارمت مال مردم خوری
چه پیش آمدت تا به زندان دری؟
بگفت ای جلیس مبارک نفس
نخوردم به حیلت گری مال کس
I saw a poor wretch who from fetters was sore;
But by taking his place, could I ope Freedom’s door.
It appeared to me loathsome to reason, that!
Should be free, and another in fetters should lie “.
یکی ناتوان دیدم از بند ریش
خلاصش ندیدم به جز بند خویش
ندیدم به نزدیک رایم پسند
من آسوده و دیگری پای بند
He died in the end, and he bore a good name;
Oh happy’s the life that has permanent fame!
بمرد آخر و نیک نامی ببرد
زهی زندگانی که نامش نمرد
A living soul’s body, with clay round it spread,
Is better than bodies alive, with souls dead.
To a living soul, Death will not dare to come near;
If a living soul’s body should die, what’s the fear?
تنی زنده دل، خفته در زیر گل
به از عالمی زنده مرده دل
دل زنده هرگز نگردد هلاک
تن زنده دل گر بمیرد چه باک؟


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