Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

The King of Damghan, with a club, hit one blows,
Till his cries, like the sound of a kettle-drum, rose.
In the night-time, from writhing, he could not get rest;
A pious man passed him and, thus, him addressed:
یکی را به چوگان مه دامغان
بزد تا چو طبلش بر آمد فغان
شب از بی قراری نیارست خفت
بر او پارسایی گذر کرد و گفت
” Had you brought the police an excuse over night,
Daylight had not looked on your infamous plight! “
At the Judgment, the person in shame will not pine,
Who brings his heart burning, at night, to the shrine.
به شب گر ببردی بر شحنه، سوز
گناه آبرویش نبردی به روز
کسی روز محشر نگردد خجل
که شبها به درگه برد سوز دل
In the night of repentance ask God, if you’re wise,
For forgiveness of sins that in day-time arise!
If you still think of peace, what’s the fear for your state?
On implorers the Lord does not shut Pardon’s gate!
هنوز ار سر صلح داری چه بیم؟
در عذرخواهان نبندد کریم
ز یزدان دادار داور بخواه
شب توبه تقصیر روز گناه
‘Twould be strange, were the bounteous Creator of all,
Not to lend you a hand if you happened to fall.
If a slave of the Lord, raise your hands up in pray’r!
Shed tears of repentance, if shame you should bear!
کریمی که آوردت از نیست هست
عجب گر بیفتی نگیردت دست
اگر بندهای دست حاجت برآر
و گر شرمسار آب حسرت ببار
None has come to this door asking pardon, as yet,
Whose sins were not washed by the flood of regret.
The Lord does not pour out the honour of one,
Whose sins cause the tears from his full eyes to run.
نیامد بر این در کسی عذر خواه
که سیل ندامت نشستش گناه
نریزد خدای آبروی کسی
که ریزد گناه آب چشمش بسی


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