How that seeker was content

How that seeker was content to be taught the language of domestic fowls and dogs, and how Moses, on whom be peace; complied with his request. قانع شدن آن طالب به تعلیم زبان مرغ خانگی و سگ و اجابت موسی علیه السلام

گفت باری نطق سگ کو بر درست نطق مرغ خانگی کاهل پرست
He said, “At any rate (teach me) the language of the dog which is at the door and the language of the feathered domestic fowl.”
گفت موسی هین تو دانی رو رسید نطق این هر دو شود بر تو پدید
“Hark,” said Moses, “thou knowest (best)! Go, it (the fulfilment of thy wish) has arrived: the language of both of these will be revealed to thee.”
بامدادان از برای امتحان ایستاد او منتظر بر آستان
At daybreak, in order to make trial, he stood waiting on the threshold.
خادمه سفره بیفشاند و فتاد پاره‌ای نان بیات آثار زاد
The maid-servant shook the table-cloth, and a piece of bread, the remnants of last night’s meal, fell out
در ربود آن را خروسی چون گرو گفت سگ کردی تو بر ما ظلم رو
A cock snatched it up as (though it were) the stake (in a race). The dog said, “You have done injustice-to me. Begone!
دانه‌ی گندم توانی خورد و من عاجزم در دانه خوردن در وطن
You can eat a grain of corn, while I am unable to eat grains in my abode.
گندم و جو را و باقی حبوب می‌توانی خورد و من نه ای طروب
You can eat corn and barley and the rest of the grains, while I cannot, O jubilant one.
این لب نانی که قسم ماست نان می‌ربایی این قدر را از سگان
This crust of bread, the bread which is our portion you are taking away from the dogs such a (small) quantity (of food) as this!”




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