How a father enjoined

How a father enjoined his daughter to take care lest she should become with child by her husband. وصیت کردن پدر دختر را کی خود را نگهدار تا حامله نشوی از شوهرت

خواجه‌ای بودست او را دختری زهره‌خدی مه‌رخی سیمین‌بری
There was a Khwája who had a daughter with cheeks like (those of) Venus, a face like the moon, and a breast (white) as silver.
گشت بالغ داد دختر را به شو شو نبود اندر کفائت کفو او
(When) she reached maturity, he gave his daughter to a husband: as regards social rank the husband was not a (good) match for her. 
خربزه چون در رسد شد آبناک گر بنشکافی تلف گردد هلاک
When a melon is ripe it becomes watery and goes to waste and ruin unless you slice it.
چون ضرورت بود دختر را بداد او بناکفوی ز تخویف فساد
Since it was (a case of) necessity, he gave his daughter to one who was not (socially) her match, in fear of the evil (that might ensue).
گفت دختر را کزین داماد نو خویشتن پرهیز کن حامل مشو
He said to his daughter, “Guard thyself from this new bridegroom, do not become with child;
کز ضرورت بود عقد این گدا این غریب‌اشمار را نبود وفا
For thy marriage to this beggar was (dictated) by necessity; there is no constancy in this vagabond fellow.
ناگهان به جهد کند ترک همه بر تو طفل او بماند مظلمه
Of a sudden he will jump off and leave all behind: his child will remain on thy hands as a wrong (for which there is no redress).”
گفت دختر کای پدر خدمت کنم هست پندت دل‌پذیر و مغتنم
The daughter replied, “O father, I will do service (to thee): thy counsel is acceptable and prized.”
هر دو روزی هر سه روزی آن پدر دختر خود را بفرمودی حذر
Every two or three days the father would enjoin his daughter to take precautions;
حامله شد ناگهان دختر ازو چون بود هر دو جوان خاتون و شو
(Nevertheless) she suddenly became with child by him (her husband): how should it be (otherwise when) both the wife and the husband are young?.
از پدر او را خفی می‌داشتش پنج ماهه گشت کودک یا که شش
She kept it (the child) hidden from her father, (till) the child was five or six months old.
گشت پیدا گفت بابا چیست این من نگفتم که ازو دوری گزین
(Then) the discovery was made. “What is this?” asked her father; “did not I tell thee to adopt (the practice of) withdrawal from him?
این وصیتهای من خود باد بود که نکردت پند و وعظم هیچ سود
These injunctions of mine were (mere) wind, forsooth! My counsel and exhortations have been of no use to thee.”
گفت بابا چون کنم پرهیز من آتش و پنبه‌ست بی‌شک مرد و زن
“Father,” said she, “how should I guard myself? Man and wife, beyond doubt, are (as) fire and cotton.
پنبه را پرهیز از آتش کجاست یا در آتش کی حفاظست و تقاست
What means has the cotton of guarding itself from the fire, or when is there (any) carefulness and caution in the fire?”
گفت من گفتم که سوی او مرو تو پذیرای منی او مشو
He replied, “I said, ‘noli te viro admovere, noli semen ejus recipere. [He replied, “I said, ‘don’t go to him (for sexual pleasure), don’t accept his sperm.]
در زمان حال و انزال و خوشی خویشتن باید که از وی در کشی
Tempore summae voluptatis et emissionis et deliciarum te corpus ab eo retrahere oportet.’” [At the moment of ecstasy, (seminal) emission, and pleasure you must draw yourself away from him.’”]
گفت کی دانم که انزالش کیست این نهانست و بغایت دوردست
She said, “Quando sit ejus emissio quomodo intelligam? hoc enim occultum et valde difficile est.” [She said, “How may I know when his emission is? It is hidden and is very remote (difficult to predict).”]
گفت چشمش چون کلاپیسه شود فهم کن که آن وقت انزالش بود
He replied, “Cum res eo redierit ut oculi ejus volvantur, intellige id esse tempus emissionis.” [He replied, “When his eyes start to roll (and show whiteness), know that it is the moment of his emission.”]

گفت تا چشمش کلاپیسه شدن کور گشتست این دو چشم کور من
She said, “Eo usque donec oculi ejus volvantur, hi mei oculi caeci occaecati sunt.” [She said, “Up to (when) his eyes start to roll, these two blind eyes of mine have been blinded (by passion).” ]
نیست هر عقلی حقیری پایدار وقت حرص و وقت خشم و کارزار
Not every despicable understanding remains steadfast in the hour of desire and anger and combat.




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