Explaining that God (Himself)

Explaining that God (Himself) is the reward bestowed by Him for the (devotional) work of the lover. در بیان آنک ثواب عمل عاشق از حق هم حق است

عاشقان را شادمانی و غم اوست
دست‌مزد و اجرت خدمت هم اوست
For (His) lovers He (alone) is (all their) joy and sorrow; He (alone) is their wages and hire for service.
غیر معشوق ار تماشایی بود
عشق نبود هرزه سودایی بود
If there be any spectacle (object of regard for them) except the Beloved, ’tis not love: ’tis an idle passion.
عشق آن شعله‌ست کو چون بر فروخت
هرچه جز معشوق باقی جمله سوخت
Love is that flame which, when it blazes up, consumes everything else but the Beloved.
تیغ لا در قتل غیر حق براند
در نگر زان پس که بعد لا چه ماند
He (the lover) drives home the sword of Not in order to kill all other than God: thereupon consider what remains after Not.
ماند الا الله باقی جمله رفت
شاد باش ای عشق شرکت‌سوز زفت
There remains except God: all the rest is gone. Hail, O mighty Love, destroyer of polytheism!
خود همو بود آخرین و اولین
شرک جز از دیده‌ی احول مبین
Verily, He is the First and the Last: do not regard polytheism as arising from aught except the eye that sees double.
ای عجب حسنی بود جز عکس آن
نیست تن را جنبشی از غیر جان
Oh, wonderful! Is there any beauty but from the reflexion of Him? The (human) body hath no movement but from the spirit.
آن تنی را که بود در جان خلل
خوش نگردد گر بگیری در عسل
The body that hath defect in its spirit will never become sweet, (even) if you smear it with honey.
این کسی داند که روزی زنده بود
از کف این جان جان جامی ربود
This he knows who one day was (spiritually) alive and received a cup from this Soul of the soul;
وانک چشم او ندیدست آن رخان
پیش او جانست این تف دخان
While to him whose eye has not beheld those (beauteous) cheeks this smoky heat is (appears to be) the spirit.
چون ندید او عمر عبدالعزیز
پیش او عادل بود حجاج نیز
Inasmuch as he never saw ‘Umar (ibn) ‘Abdu ’l-‘Azíz, to him even Hajjáj seems just.
چون ندید او مار موسی را ثبات
در حبال سحر پندارد حیات
Inasmuch as he never saw the firmness (unshakable strength) of the dragon of Moses, he fancies (there is) life in the magic cords.
مرغ کو ناخورده است آب زلال
اندر آب شور دارد پر و بال
The bird that has never drunk the limpid water keeps its wings and feathers in the briny water.
جز به ضد ضد را همی نتوان شناخت
چون ببیند زخم بشناسد نواخت
No opposite can be known except through its opposite: (only) when he (any one) suffers blows will he know (the value of) kindness.
لاجرم دنیا مقدم آمدست
تا بدانی قدر اقلیم الست
Consequently the present life has come in front (first), in order that you may appreciate the realm of Alast.
چون ازینجا وا رهی آنجا روی
در شکرخانه‌ی ابد شاکر شوی
When you are delivered from this place and go to that place, you will give thanks (to God) in the sugar-shop of everlastingness.
گویی آنجا خاک را می‌بیختم
زین جهان پاک می‌بگریختم
You will say, ‘There (in the world below) I was sifting dust, I was fleeing from this pure world.
ای دریغا پیش ازین بودیم اجل
تا عذابم کم بدی اندر وجل
Alas, would that I had died ere now, so that my (time of) being tormented in the mud might have been less!’




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