How the tanner’s brother sought

How the tanner’s brother sought to cure him secretly with the smell of dung. معالجه کردن برادر دباغ دباغ را به خفیه به بوی سرگین

خلق را می‌راند از وی آن جوان
تا علاجش را نبینند آن کسان
The youth kept driving the people away from him (the tanner), in order that those persons might not see his treatment (of the sick man).
سر به گوشش برد هم‌چون رازگو
پس نهاد آن چیز بر بینی او
He brought his head (close) to his ear, like one telling a secret; then he put the thing (which he had in his hand) to his (the tanner’s) nose;
کو به کف سرگین سگ ساییده بود
داروی مغز پلید آن دیده بود
For he had rubbed the dog’s dung on his palm: he had deemed it (to be) the remedy for the polluted brain.
ساعتی شد مرد جنبیدن گرفت
خلق گفتند این فسونی بد شگفت
A short while passed: the man began to move: the people said, “This was a wonderful charm;
کین بخواند افسون به گوش او دمید
مرده بود افسون به فریادش رسید
For this (youth) recited charms and breathed (them) into his ear: he was dead: the charms came to succour him.”
جنبش اهل فساد آن سو بود
که زنا و غمزه و ابرو بود
The movement of iniquitous folk is to the quarter in which there is fornication and ogling glances and eyebrows.
هر کرا مشک نصیحت سود نیست
لاجرم با بوی بد خو کرد نیست
Any one to whom the musk, admonition, is of no use must necessarily make himself familiar with the bad smell.
مشرکان را زان نجس خواندست حق
کاندرون پشک زادند از سبق
God has called the polytheists najas (uncleanness)’ for the reason that they were born in dung from of old.
کرم کو زادست در سرگین ابد
می‌نگرداند به عنبر خوی خود
The worm that has been born in dung will nevermore change its evil nature by means of ambergris.
چون نزد بر وی نثار رش نور
او همه جسمست بی‌دل چون قشور
Since the largesse of sprinkled light did not strike upon him (the wicked man), he is wholly body, without heart (spirit), like (empty) husks.
ور ز رش نور حق قسمیش داد
هم‌چو رسم مصر سرگین مرغ‌زاد
And if God gave him a portion of the sprinkled light, the dung hatched a bird, as is the custom in Egypt so
لیک نه مرغ خسیس خانگی
بلک مرغ دانش و فرزانگی
But not the cheap domestic fowl; nay, but the bird of know ledge and wisdom.
تو بدان مانی کز آن نوری تهی
زآنک بینی بر پلیدی می‌نهی
“Thou resemblest that (wicked man) for thou art devoid of that light, inasmuch as thou art putting thy nose to filth.
از فراقت زرد شد رخسار و رو
برگ زردی میوه‌ی ناپخته تو
Because of being parted (from me) thy cheeks and face have become yellow (pale): thou art (a tree with) yellow leaves and unripened fruit,
دیگ ز آتش شد سیاه و دودفام
گوشت از سختی چنین ماندست خام
The pot was blackened by the fire and became like smoke in colour, (but) the meat, on account of (its) hardness, has remained so raw as this!
هشت سالت جوش دادم در فراق
کم نشد یک ذره خامیت و نفاق
Eight years have I boiled, thee in separation (from me): thy rawness and hypocrisy have not become less by a single mote.
غوره‌ی تو سنگ بسته کز سقام
غوره‌ها اکنون مویزند و تو خام
Thy young grape is indurated; for through sickness the (other) young grapes are now raisins, while thou art (still) immature.”




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