Explaining that the body is as a garment

Explaining that the body is as a garment

Explaining that the body is as a garment to the spirit, and that this (bodily) hand is the sleeve of the spirit’s hand, and that this (bodily) foot is the shoe of the spirit’s foot. در بیان آنک تن روح را چون لباسی است و این دست آستین دست روحست واین پای موزه‌ی پای روحست

تا بدانی که تن آمد چون لباس رو بجو لابس لباسی را ملیس
(I mention this insensibility to pain) that you may know that the body is like a garment. Go, seek the wearer of the garment, do not lick (kiss) a garment.
روح را توحید الله خوشترست غیر ظاهر دست و پای دیگرست
To the spirit the knowledge of the Unity (of God) is sweeter (than care for the body): it hath a hand and foot different from those which are visible.
دست و پا در خواب بینی و ایتلاف آن حقیقت دان مدانش از گزاف
You may behold in dream the (spiritual) hand and foot and their connexion (with the spiritual body): deem that (vision) a reality, deem it not to be in vain.
آن توی که بی بدن داری بدن پس مترس از جسم و جان بیرون شدن
You are such that without the (material) body you have a (spiritual) body: do not, then, dread the going forth of the soul from the body.




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