Explaining that the salutation (in prayer)

Explaining that the salutation (in prayer) towards the right hand at the Resurrection indicates (the worshipper’s) dread of being examined by God and (his) seeking help and intercession from the prophets. بیان اشارت سلام سوی دست راست در قیامت از هیبت محاسبه حق از انبیا استعانت و شفاعت خواستن

انبیا گویند روز چاره رفت چاره آنجا بود و دست‌افزار زفت
The prophets say, “The day for remedy is past; the remedy and the strong implement (for tilling the soil of good works) were there.
مرغ بی‌هنگامی ای بدبخت رو ترک ما گو خون ما اندر مشو
Thou art an untimely bird. Begone, O miserable one, take leave of us, do not wade in our blood.”
رو بگرداند به سوی دست چپ در تبار و خویش گویندش که خپ
(Then) he turns his face to the left hand towards his family and kinsfolk: they say to him, “Be silent!
هین جواب خویش گو با کردگار ما کییم ای خواجه دست از ما بدار
Hark, answer for thyself to the Creator. Who are we? Sire, keep thy hands off us!”
نه ازین سو نه از آن سو چاره شد جان آن بیچاره‌دل صد پاره شد
No succour comes either from this side or from that: the soul of this desperate man is (torn into) a hundred pieces.
از همه نومید شد مسکین کیا پس برآرد هر دو دست اندر دعا
The wretched personage loses hope of all; then he lifts up both hands in supplication,
کز همه نومید گشتم ای خدا اول و آخر توی و منتها
Crying, “O God, I have lost hope of all: Thou art the First and the Last and the ultimate Bourn.”
در نماز این خوش اشارتها ببین تا بدانی کین بخواهد شد یقین
Behold in the ritual prayer these goodly indications, in order that you may know these will certainly come to pass.
بچه بیرون آر از بیضه نماز سر مزن چون مرغ بی تعظیم و ساز
From the ritual prayer, which is (as) the egg, hatch the chick; do not peck like a bird without reverence or propriety.




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