How, after full discussion and debate

How, after full discussion and debate, the princes set out for the province of China towards their beloved and the object (of their desire), in order that they might be as near as possible to that object; (for) although the way to union is barred, ’tis praiseworthy to approach as near as is possible. روان گشتن شاه‌زادگان بعد از تمام بحث و ماجرا به جانب ولایت چین سوی معشوق و مقصود تا به قدر امکان به مقصود نزدیک‌تر باشند اگر چه راه وصل مسدودست به قدر امکان نزدیک‌تر شدن محمودست الی آخره

این بگفتند و روان گشتند زود هر چه بود ای یار من آن لحظه بود
They said this and immediately set out: O my friend, everything that was (to be gained) was (gained) at that moment.
صبر بگزیدند و صدیقین شدند بعد از آن سوی بلاد چین شدند
They chose fortitude (as their guide) and became true witnesses; then they set off towards the land of China.
والدین و ملک را بگذاشتند راه معشوق نهان بر داشتند
They left their parents and kingdom, they took the way to the hidden beloved.
هم‌چو ابراهیم ادهم از سریر عشقشان بی‌پا و سر کرد و فقیر
Like Ibráhím son of Adham, Love (banished them) from the throne (and) made them footless and headless and destitute.
یا چو ابراهیم مرسل سرخوشی خویش را افکند اندر آتشی
Either, like Abraham who was sent (as a prophet), one intoxicated (with love) cast himself into a fire,
یا چو اسمعیل صبار مجید پیش عشق و خنجرش حلقی کشید
Or, like the much-enduring and glorious Ismá‘íl (Ishmael), offered a throat to Love and his dagger.




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